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Cybersecurity & Cybercrime

At the Cross-roads of Cybersecurity & Cybercrime

As technology continues to evolve so also do the opportunities and challenges it provides. We are at a crossroads as we move from a society already entwined with the internet to the coming age of automation, Big Data, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

But as a society that runs largely on technology, we are also as a result dependent on it. And just as technology brings ever greater benefits, it also brings ever greater threats: by the very nature of the opportunities it presents it becomes a focal point for cybercrime, industrial espionage, and cyber attacks. Therefore, protecting it is of paramount priority. This guide looks at some of the concerns facing us in the near future that include:
- Attack vectors such as botnets, autonomous cars and ransomware
- Threats including data manipulation, identify theft, and cyberwarfare
- Tangential issues such as data sovereignty, digital trails, and leveraging technology talent.
- Additionally, it provides some background to the nature of digital ecosystems and the fundamentals of cybersecurity.

Critically, this piece of writing clarifies the of cybersecurity, especially with regards to essential infrastructure and governance. On the flip side - and as one of the fastest growth industries globally - developing our own cybersecurity industry is also an opportunity for economic growth, job creation, and education - ensuring that we all are well positioned for a future as a digitally advanced generation. Finally, we look at some of the challenges that countries worldwide are currently dealing with in regards to cybersecurity, including:
- The need for more collaboration in order to mitigate threats
- Education and awareness
- The balance between privacy and security.
- Our aim is to bring about awareness that cybersecurity is not optional. It must form part of the design of every product, of every database, of every electronic communication.

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