10-11 May 2022
Basel, Switzerland

7th Pharma Supply Chain

& Logistics Innovation Programme

About Pharma Supply Chain & Logistics Innovation Programme 2022

Pharma Supply Chain & Logistics Innovation Programme is a prominent platform for interacting with the world's most influential and dynamic professionals. Pharma Supply Chain & Logistics Innovation Programme will help with all aspects of supply chain and logistics, as well as their integration with digitization, including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, & Block Chain.

This event will give you chance to join and get a complete learning experience about the challenges and their solutions from experts in the field.

Pharma Supply Chain & Logistics Innovation Programme Highlights!

For the Patient- Mantra to implement last mile delivery

lack of integration behind many supply chain structures

Developing the electronic and interoperable systems to combat the counterfeit & theft of the medicines

COVID-19: Supply chain Crisis Management in Vaccines Distribution

The evolution of smart temperature-controlled packaging & Labelling

Product authentication frameworks to improve the security of pharmaceutical supply chains

5PL- Do we need to update our Logistics framework?

Serialization & track and trace across supply chain

Reasons to Attend Pharma Supply Chain & Logistics Innovation Programme

Reconnecting with Peers
Have you ever experienced the situation where working through a challenge over email, conference calls or other distance communication channels seems to take a lot of back and forth with no resolution in sight?

Meeting New Prospects
If your goal at an industry event is to meet new prospective clients and partners, there is really no substitute for the in-person experience. Attend WBI’s in-person conferences to meet new prospects and build your clientage.

Brand Building
If part of your company’s brand positioning is to be a true leader in the industry, attending World BI’s events can be a powerful way to send that message.

Getting a Handle on the Market
While virtual events can certainly deliver planned content (sessions, presentations, panel discussions, etc.) quite well, you will still need to meet your peers in-person to get a handle on the current market news.

Driving New Business
Even in industries with longer sales cycles, World BI’s in-person events is the place where new business deals are completed.

Enhance Engagement
WBI’s in-person events will help bring decision makers on your table by identifying their requirements and tailoring your services to offer the most relevant and valuable services to them and thus boosting engagement.

Discussion Topics






Networking Hours

Experts Panel

Meet our professonals


Michel Rueegg

Associate Director Supply Chain Management



Marc Weissenfeld

Supply Chain Vice President
(Head EMEA Supply Chain Bayer Consumer Health)



Chris Wallace

SVP Global Supply Chain

Clover Biopharma


Alexandru POPA

Associate Director-Blockchain for Pharma Supply Chain


David Raw

Supply Risk Management Leader


Marc Evrard

Marc Evrard

Logistics Quality Manager

Vifor Pharma


Daniel Fritz

PharmaLedger Project Leader


Jane Rasmussen

Jane Rasmussen

Vice President Environmental & Social Responsibility

Novo Nordisk


Philippe Gerwill

Head Of Marketing

Fusion Consulting


Hanno Reeser

Strategic Development Manager


Who Will Attend

Senior Vice Presidents, Senior Executives, Heads, Directors, Managers , Advisors, Strategists And Analysts

Supply Chain
Purchasing & Procurement
Track & Trace
Packaging & Labelling
Cold Chain/GDP
Warehouse & Distribution
Forecasting & Planning
Supply Chain Security
Cool Chain Management
Quality Assurance
Air & Sea Freight Logistics
Commercial Logistics
Logistics & Materials Handling

Exquisite Venue



what people say

I want to say that the innovation to the programme is really justified.
Associate Director- Enterprise Supply chain planning Ratio Pharm
It was a very valuable programme for us and also our booth was very well accepted by the visitors
Intermodal development Manger KLG Europe
It has been an amazing time. It has been a whole lot of learning experience for me
EU Supply Chain Manager, VX Customer Service GSK

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