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The automotive industry’s focus on connected vehicles autonomous is expanding every other day. World BI Group provides you with an unrivaled opportunity to explore the innovation and digital revolution in connected cars through its connected cars conferences. The participation of world-class speakers, renowned media groups, and top-rated entrepreneurs from around the world makes our events fruitful and memorable for attendees looking for new business ventures and growing opportunities in the connected car industry. Incorporating the Internet of Things (IoT) and vehicles Artificial Intelligence in cars is one of the key topics of our conferences. AI driving the autonomous future of driving sensor fusion - sensor technology - has added extra value to the credibility of this domain. Experience one-of-its-kind technical conferences on connected cars to familiarize yourself with what worked and what did not for this industry in the past. Share your concerns in front of pioneers in the industry and get valuable suggestions to deal with the challenges effectively.

Worldbi offers 2nd Digital Revolution 2023 in Munich, Germany

2nd Digital Revolution

In Connected Cars

22-23 March 2023

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