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We are Creative Organizers & Consultants

Innovating The Strategic Business Trends

World BI is an expert and a well-renowned management consultancy firm. We provide Business Intelligence by organizing B2B events in various industries. We boost productivity by extensive research and analysis of the requirements of our delegates and provide them with the best vendors without compromising on the quality. Our customers include professionals leading their respective industries. They come together to share their knowledge, innovations and current challenges. Major industries are Life Sciences, Electronics, Supply chain and Telecommunication.

Our Work Mantra

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Intensive Market Research

Knowing the requirements of your customers helps in creating a truly inspired product that meets their requirements. Our market research involves collecting, recording and making sense of all this available information so that; rather than simply following the crowd with another cookie cutter product offering no individuality; your product can stand out.

Promotional Activities

We strive to make your product/services a BRAND! By entering the digital world of marketing and business we advertise your product/services with the help of our team of hard working individuals, along with using different mediums to assist you in reaching your target market as well as your business goal.

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Competitive Analysis

We evaluate your key competitors by thorough competitive analysis and help you to establish and distinguish your product/services from your competitors. Turn your weaknesses to your strengths and your threats to opportunities by gaining the competitive edge through our services.

Stakeholder’s Management

Managing the events in such a way that cater your expectations and delivering to the extent that will forge strong customer relationships. Our team of finance and marketing experts will work to increase your business share value in stock market. As Business Relations is what we do.

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Lead Generation

No lead, No Customer which results in No Business. Our trusted and verified lead generation process provides access to decision makers which you normally do not get to meet easily. These qualified leads will, thus, aid you in building partnerships and in turn expanding your business.

B2B Platforms

World BI’s Business To Business platforms have always proven to be a fruitful opportunity for our clients by providing access to network with leading industry experts, top business stakeholders and luminaries from various management fields. Gain insights of the industry challenges and get a chance to know the customer strategies and latest market trends through our unique platforms.