07 - 08 November 2023
Tue - Wed
New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge, USA

USA Brand Protection

Why BPC Stands Out

Embrace This Opportunity to Learn, Collaborate and Contribute to the Advancement of Brand Protection Industry

Engaging Sessions

Engage with industry experts, thought leaders, and fellow attendees to explore the latest trends, innovations, and challenges in the brand protection industry.

Peer-to-Peer Learning

Embrace the opportunity to learn from your peers who are actively involved in brand protection.

Structured Networking

Engage in focused discussions, exchange business cards, and build relationships that can propel your career and organization forward.

Collaborative Activities

These activities provide a platform for cross-functional collaboration, enabling you to leverage diverse skill sets and approaches to find innovative solutions to real-world brand protection challenges.

Agenda Highlights

Stay on top of trends in your industry and arm yourself with learnings you can apply to your current work and future career!

Enjoy a curated agenda including plenary talks and panel discussions covering the following topics


Brand Protection & Enforcement Programs

IP Management

Organized Crimes & Counterfeiting


Supply Chain


Product Security & Investigation


Visual Content Monitoring and Protection

Over & Covert Security Features

Online Brand Protection-Need of Time


Modern Anti-Counterfeit Programs



Brand Protection in Metaverse

Defense Approaches of Digital Assets

Brand Monitoring: Protect Brands from Phishing & Malware Attacks

Fight against Cybercrime & Cyber Squatters: A Continuous Process

Conference Chair & Director


Christopher Salgado

Former Investigator at Facebook and CEO, All Points Investigations, LLC

Event Speakers

Our 2023 Thought Leaders

Worldbi Brand Protection Speaker

Paulina Bustos

Director of Security

Worldbi Brand Protection Speaker

Louis Bonnier

Director of Programs

Worldbi Brand Protection Speaker

Karen Edwards

Interim Associate Dean for Academic Programs

Worldbi Brand Protection Speaker

Dr. Sandy Strick

Associate Professor Director of the Wine and Beverage Institute

Worldbi Brand Protection Speaker

William Mansfield

Director of Intellectual Property

Worldbi Brand Protection Speaker

Maral Behnam-Garcia

Former Senior Director of Global Brand Protection & Intellectual Property

Worldbi Brand Protection Speaker

Maysa Razavi

Director of Brand Protection and Supply Chain Security

Worldbi Brand Protection Speaker

Victor Hugo Guerra Hernandez

Senior Counsel Illicit Trade Prevention LA&C/U.S.

Worldbi Brand Protection Speaker

Kristin Chapman

Senior IP/Brand Protection Counsel

Worldbi Brand Protection Speaker

Ryan Myett

Senior Manager & Head of MGM Studios Physical Security

Worldbi Brand Protection Speaker

Arturo Ishbak Gonzalez

Senior Corporate Counsel

Worldbi Brand Protection Speaker

Stephan von Schilcher

Brand Protection Director

Worldbi Brand Protection Speaker

Neil Ivey

Vice President

Worldbi Brand Protection Speaker

Adam Sherman


Worldbi Brand Protection Speaker

Gloria Montaron Estrada

Legal Director and Chief Intellectual Property Officer

Worldbi Brand Protection Speaker

Lauren Moise

Head of US Sales, Marketing, and Operations

Worldbi Brand Protection Speaker

Ainslee Schreiber

Former, VP, Legal, Global Head of IP, Privacy, and Product Development

Worldbi Brand Protection Speaker

Valyncia Saunders

Division General Counsel, Bakery Sweets, Beverage, Nestle Premium Waters

Worldbi Brand Protection Speaker

Breno Araujo

Corporate Security Latin America

Worldbi Brand Protection Speaker

Ely Albalos

Former Global Security Leader at Google, Facebook, Apple and CEO, Consulere Global

Worldbi Brand Protection Speaker

Rod Schultz

Sr. Vice President of Product

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Event at a Glance

Inspiring Days
Hours of Networking
Exhibitors & Sponsors
Industry Leading Speakers
Attendees Needs New Services/ Products
Industry Delegates

Who Will Attend

Delegates Will Include VPs, Global Heads, Directors and Managers

Brand Protection
Brand Security
Senior Legal
Intellectual Property
Internet Investigations
Online Brand Protection
Global Brand Security
Track & Trace
Anti-Piracy IP
General Counsel
Supply Chain
Legal Brand Analyst
Trade Mark Attorney
Corporate Security
Trademark Counsel

Our Services

Thought Leadership Opportunities

Take the stage in front of a captive and focused audience to exhibit your skills and market knowledge.

Marketing & Branding Opportunities

Be the name that all decision makers remember when looking for answers, and be the brand that comes to mind.


We offer a one-of-a-kind platform for businesses to boost brand success via engagement and meaningful relationships.

Prequalified 1-2-1 Business Meetings

Take your pick from our tailored packages to make the most of your time on site and develop long-term, value-adding business partnerships.


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Event Venue

Explore New York and its rich Culture, Architecture, and Cuisine!

New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge

Minutes from many amazing attractions, the New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most exciting hotels in Brooklyn, New York. Situated close to Prospect Park, our hotel near the Brooklyn Bridge provides guests with an inspired vantage point to work, play and relax.


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Worldbi Virtual Conferences

Zain Jaffri

Group Sales Director

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Phone: +44 20 3950 8884


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Worldbi Virtual Conferences

Mona Arslan

Operations Director

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