Leading Webbing Use Cases for Automotive IoT

Automotive Connectivity Platform

A market-leading Telematics company that provides telematic connectivity units to leading brands in the automotive, heavy trucks, bus, and off-highway industries launched an off-the-shelf platform for Off-Highway applications, including pre-installed data connectivity subscription and device management. They needed a connectivity provider that meets the demands of their industry.

Webbing’s solutions provide them with secure, reliable, and continuous internet connection wherever their devices are located. It’s failover capabilities ensures superior global access to reliable and high-quality internet, with low latency and the best of class coverage. Their distributed core network and eSIM solution allows for simple and seamless compliance in regulated countries with a single SKU SIM and connectivity service.

The automotive industry

The automotive industry has been linking vehicles to information streams since the early days of the internet. Today, it is reliant on connectivity to enable advanced features and technologies that enhance the safety, convenience, and overall driving experience for consumers. Connectivity allows for emergency call systems for vehicles such as eCall and bCall. It allows for the remote monitoring and diagnostics of a vehicle, enabling features such as remote start, tracking, and the ability to access vehicle data from the cloud. It allows cars to have internet access and access to cloud-based services, enabling features such as real-time traffic updates, weather forecasts, and streaming media. It is essential for autonomous vehicles as it enables communication between the vehicle and the cloud, allowing the vehicle to access real-time data and make informed decisions.

Connectivity is essential for the automotive industry as it enables the development and implementation of advanced technologies that improve the driving experience and increase safety on the road.

Webbing has created connectivity infrastructures and platforms that enable the automotive industry to leverage exponential growth in connected cars and data. Their solutions simplify IoT connectivity and reduce time to market for IoT deployments. Market leading brands in the automotive, heavy trucks, bus, and off-highway industry have implemented Webbing's solutions for their deployments.

Webbing’s connectivity solutions deliver a global carrier network that provides the best-of-class for coverage, logistics and processes, costs, security and other features across one SIM, SKU, Invoice and Platform. OEMs receive the benefits of roaming with multiple carrier options in every country, and seamless transition between carriers, while maintaining a local experience with local breakout for low latency on a global scale.

Webbing’s solutions are designed to provide reliable, secure and continuous internet connection for devices wherever they are located. Their failover capabilities ensure superior global access to reliable and high-quality internet with low latency. With Webbing’s eSIM solution and secured network of 600+ mobile carriers across more than 200 countries, OEMs can easily meet regulatory requirements on communication services and data management from states and governments. Webbing provides a solution for all types of connectivity regulations, from keeping IP traffic inside the country to remote, over-the-air full localization.

Webbing’s connectivity solution has a resilient and redundant network that ensures consistent and stable connectivity. It offers large coverage area, remote management and analytics of devices, private networks & security options (VPN, APN), scalability, and most importantly, it is secure by design: data is encrypted, and users are securely identified. OEMs get the high bandwidth and low latency the automotive industry needs for real-time communication from fleets of connected cars. With Webbing’s revolutionary SIM technology, powerful management platforms and robust, 5G ready global network, installation can be streamlined and at scall.

Webbing is winner of the 2023 IoT Breakthrough Award for “M2M Vehicle Telematics Innovation of the Year”.

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