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va-Q-tec is a dynamic high-tech company that has been pioneering in the development of innovative solutions in the insulation industry since 2001 on the basis of energy efficient, space saving and environmentally friendly vacuum insulation panels (VIPs). The VIPs insulate around 10 times more efficient compared to conventional fiber or foam insulation.

Furthermore va-Q-tec manufactures passive thermal packaging solutions (containers & boxes) which offer constant temperature conditions typically for 4 to 10 days. The company produces in Germany and assures the highest quality standards with its patented control system.

The efficient technology of va-Q-tec’s products saves valuable energy in areas of everyday use: transport of pharmaceutical products, in refrigeration and freezer appliances, in buildings, in technology & industry as well as in automobiles and aircraft.

Financial Times Awards VA-Q-TEC as Tech Champion 2021

  • The Financial Times awards the German company va-Q-tec as the Tech Champion 2021 in the Manufacturing category.
  • The company stood out for its special role in the fight against the Corona pandemic, as well as its forward-thinking solutions for increasing thermal energy efficiency.
  • For the first time, the international award honors those companies that have distinguished themselves in the challenging times of the Corona pandemic through their special innovative ability and creativity.

Do you want to transport a temperature-sensitive product? Va-Q-tec offer a broad product portfolio of thermal packaging and container solutions for global active pharmaceutical, biotech and logistic companies. As a pioneer in that field for more since 2001 their top priority is to protect clients’ products while minimizing costs. Their superior high-performance packaging is achieved through award-winning and space-saving technology with the application of VIPs (vacuum insulation panels) and PCM (phase change materials).

Healthcare & Logistics

  • Clinical Study
  • Commercial Distribution
  • Last-Mile & Lab Distribution
  • Individual Solution

About Pharma Supply Chain and Logistics Innovation Programme

Pharma Supply Chain and Logistics Innovation programme is a promising conference of World BI focusing on different aspects of supply chain challenges especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Get to know how supply chain professionals ensure the agility and visibility of the complex supply chains with the technological advancements in the world nowadays. Implement the robust supply chain plans as forecasted and monitoring the distribution network, keeping in mind the last mile delivery and patient centricity.

This year Pharma Supply Chain and Logistics Innovation programme will come up with new flavors discussing all the challenges for a disrupted supply chain post covid, supply chain management and supply chain differentiation covering technological advancements. This conference is a blend of discussions featuring end-end supply chain, supply chain optimization, product security & authentication and regulatory compliance

Speakers & delegates such as MSD, GSK, Novo Nordisk, Vifor Pharma, Bayer, Johnson and Johnson and many more are looking forward to joining this conference.

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