Teletrac Navman Connected Services: The Bridge to an Exceptional Customer Experience

Who is Teletrac Navman Connected Services?

Teletrac Navman Connected Services has 30 years industry experience working with OEMs and strong partnerships across the value chain. As a leader in the field, Teletrac Navman Connected Services have a number of solid and prestigious OEM partners, across the UK, Europe and worldwide.

Teletrac Navman Connected Services offer a highly scalable, rapidly deployable solution, which is bespoke to each customer utilising already existing infrastructure and can be set up with minimal investment. With flexible integration via API, we can take information from a vehicle or connected mobility device, send and receive commands and offer an enhanced customer experience in all major local languages, adding value to your customers by making their lives easier and safer.

What Services Can Teletrac Navman Connected Services Provide?

Stolen Vehicle Tracking

A stolen vehicle tracking service can create value for OEM’s by earning additional revenue from tracking subscriptions. Value is also created for your customers who could benefit from lower insurance premiums and increased peace of mind knowing their vehicle is better protected.

A Teletrac Navman Connected Services stolen vehicle solution can be rapidly deployed through our existing network of multi-lingual contact managment centres covering 30+ languages across key markets. Established, long term relationships with local law enforcement across multiple markets ensure that recovery rates are high.

Emergency Call (eCall) & Breakdown Call (bCall)

Third party enhanced eCall services can add significant value to an OEM and its customers. Teletrac Navman Connected Services can provide an OEM branded solution to improve the end-customer experience and drive brand loyalty.

We can receive additional data above the Minimum Set of Data (MSD) to help make better decisions on the support required. Our staff are fully trained to handle emergency calls and can triage calls to eliminate manual, non-SOS calls from reaching the emergency operators.

Integrate a connected breakdown call (bCall) service into a vehicle and utilise connected data in the recovery discussion process to help speed up roadside repair or recovery time. If diagnostic data can be communicated to our operators, they can use this to make better decisions on the support to send the customer and reducing wait time and inconvenience.

The same multilingual call centres manage all services, we can offer native language support to the occupant even if they are in a foreign country further reducing the stress of such incidents. The services can also be replicated in all markets to provide a standardised service for a seamless customer experience. We can also liaise with traffic authorities to quickly close roads or initiate overhead signage to inform other drivers of the hazard.

Information Call (iCall/Concierge)

Our contact centres can also be utilised for concierge/information services. No need to take the hands or eyes of the wheel, for example a voice activated call to our operators to find the nearest charge point or somewhere to eat. The location can be sent to the vehicles navigation and the customer routed accordingly.

Remote Services

Along with the services detailed above there are many other possibilities to integrate a connected vehicle or device with a call centre. The call centre agent can react to information from the vehicle/device make decisions on how to support. For example, diagnostic information could be used to initiate proactive maintenance/repair or data can be used to create hyper-personalised services tailoring to individual customer requirements.

Customers choose Teletrac Navman Connected Services to expand their core safety, security and convenience offerings with connected data that can improve the end-customer experience.

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