DISTILL Electronic Data Capture System

SVMPharma provides accessible electronic data capture solutions, allowing you to operationalise your clinical trials.

SVMPharma has come from a CRO background, delivering clinical trials for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies since 2014. This history and experience has led to the development and launch, in 2017, of DISTILL electronic data capture system. The system has been designed and developed by researchers, using the technological expertise of Solverminds Solutions and Technologies, to build a system which can be used by everyone. There is no need for a specialist programming team, DISTILL is a user friendly flexible system and SVMPharma will be there to provide training and support to our clients throughout.

DISTILL EDC gives you back control of your clinical trials, allowing you to develop and manage every aspect of data capture from start to finish. DISTILL was developed to be flexible and user friendly, to overcome the restrictions and costs associated with legacy systems.

Take back control of your clinical trial without the need for specialist programmers. Reduce time in form building and managing clinical trials, including mid-study changes. Rapid seamless setup user acceptance testing, deployment. Cut down on manual data entry with the bulk electronic data uploader.

Rapid execution of in-study changes. Flexible document uploads, broadcast messages, custom signatures and user-friendly query mechanism. Fully customisable roles and permission settings. Notifications of form changes with a fully customisable email templates and triggers. Gain data driven insights into the performance of your trails with flexible report and comprehensive list of audit logs. Reduced need for expensive and time-consuming customisations.

Onboarding, training and ongoing support available. User focused case report form development to match study protocol. Get the support you need from a team of product specialists to make your team DISTILL experts. Form building services available, with project planning throughout. At SVMPharma we see ourselves as part of our clients’ teams when working on projects. Find the service and packages to meet your needs.

More about DISTILL EDC and ePRO:

Form studio:

  • Form studio has been designed to allow a trial/data manager to create electronic case report forms without the requirement of a programmer
  • Drag and drop form builder with pre-built templates
  • Setup form controls and edit checks within minutes, not days or weeks
  • Automatically generated annotated case report forms and trial configuration specifications
  • Support for version control

Logic Builder:

  • Logic builder removes the requirement of a programmer to code logic and allows immediate user acceptance testing
  • Unique tool that allows the construction of logic that can be used to define form workflows, form controls, and edit checks
  • Step by step user interface based approach to create form validations, monitoring and logic
  • Wide range of customisable options which reduce the need for programming

Form Publisher:

  • Move changes through design, user acceptance testing, training and live environments at the click of a button
  • Publish changes to user acceptance testing, training and live environments with ease
  • Changes are available immediately to any environment improving turn around times for user acceptance testing and training

Content Manager:

  • Fully customisable content management, stored in one place configurable to be viewed where needed
  • This includes help files, supporting documents, terms and conditions, custom email notification and form lock/sign/source data verification signature
  • Changes take effect immediately rather than taking days

User roles and permissions:

  • Fully customisable roles and permission settings
  • Add modify or disable user roles as per study requirements
  • Individual role types can be configured to allow or restrict any feature within DISTILL

Data Uploader:

  • Electronic notes and prescribing records are a valuable source of data available for clinical trials that can be uploaded directly into DISTILL
  • Smart uploader that checks for data discrepancies before upload, so you spend less time fixing erroneous data
  • Reduce time for data entry, upload data directly in to electronic case report forms
  • Allows for uploading of hundreds and thousands of electronic records
  • Significant reduction in data entry by allowing data to be uploaded in bulk

Flexible Reports and BI Dashboards:

  • Real-time data enhances the efficiency of trial management. Allowing users to make informed decisions
  • User developed clinical trial key performance indicators
  • Real-time data tracking dashboard for clinical research organisation and sponsor
  • Data extracts available real time
  • Create custom reports and visualise data through the DISTILL dashboard
  • Real-time, automated, email notifications

Comprehensive Logs:

  • Provides full accountability of user activity within DISTILL through a comprehensive list of audit logs
  • Access to over 50 audit logs, that allow close monitoring of DISTILL activity
  • All files imported and exported, from DISTILL, can be traced a unique reference IDs


  • Built in source data verification modules
  • Electronic case report forms reviewed and signed at appropriate form stages
  • Pre-define source data verification fields

Study Archive:

  • Generate end of trial PDF exports of all DISTILL data with ease
  • All patient data including form data, audit logs and queries easily exported to PDF for use in study archiving
  • Optional password protection, for clinical trial archive materials
  • Convenient bookmarks for individual files, so you can find the information you want quicker

DISTILL makes an impact on your clinical trial, not on your budget.

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