OneStudyTeam, a member of the Reify Health portfolio, provides the cloud-based platform StudyTeam to accelerate clinical trial enrollment and the development of new and life-saving therapies. StudyTeam brings research site workflows online and enables sites, sponsors, and other key stakeholders to work together more effectively using common technology.

StudyTeam is trusted by the largest global biopharmaceutical companies.

Enrollment trackers may be limited to tracking trial participants during and after enrollment. That’s why StudyTeam offers a different data set that emphasizes early visibility into data in order to (1) predict enrollment and (2) make key decisions earlier in the trial to accelerate enrollment.

Sponsors who use StudyTeam gain access to six critical reporting tools that enable them to take action earlier during clinical trial enrollment. When sponsors have access to insights earlier in the clinical trial enrollment funnel, they can solve for a host of challenges including:

  • Difficulty enrolling a representative patient population
  • High rate of inclusion/exclusion criteria failures
  • High rate of patients declining to participate
  • Low return on recruitment partner spending

Targeted reporting tools enable better data analysis, so sponsors can make informed decisions to meet enrollment goals faster.

StudyTeam is used by more than 6,000 research sites, and is available in more than 100 countries.

Sponsors who use StudyTeam can empower their clinical research sites with the StudyTeam for Sites platform. StudyTeam was designed to reduce site burden with efficient workflow features, as well as tools to pre-screen and enroll more patients.

Because this platform is cloud-based and allows users to log in from anywhere, the entire site team can stay up-to-date on the progress of patients and trial enrollment. The team can also more easily collaborate, as they are able to view and update information in the same central place.

The StudyTeam Visit Management features are a key benefit, enabling sites to:

  • Sync calendars for more effective appointment booking
  • Use clinical trial visit window calculators to accurately and quickly schedule patient visits per protocol needs
  • Set up email reminders for team members assigned to visits, to keep patient visits on schedule
  • Use digital visit checklists to ensure no important steps are missed during patient visits across teams

As sites gather pre-screening data throughout the enrollment process, sponsors are able to access de-identified metrics, eliminating unnecessary communication between sites and sponsors.

This is all part of OneStudyTeam’s mission to remove clinical trial operations as the bottleneck on delivering new therapies to patients.

StudyTeam is one answer to our industry’s need for a connected technology foundation that allows for more functionality to be added without creating significantly more work. Technology to help clinical research become integral to healthcare and the patient journey – not something that happens in a silo.

Our suite of StudyTeam solutions continues to expand, and our work is just getting started. Learn more about how you can work with us at

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