Mission to Revolutionize Drug Development, Monitoring, and Precision Care

NeuraLight is on a mission to revolutionize drug development, monitoring, and precision care for neurodegenerative diseases. Leveraging proprietary deep learning and computer vision algorithms to extract and combine oculometric measures from standard webcam or smartphone videos, NeuraLight’s platform is able to objectively evaluate patients’ neurological health.

The company works hand in hand with biopharmaceutical companies to enable more accurate patient selection and stratification, monitor disease progression with higher sensitivity, and support early diagnosis. Over the past year, NeuraLight has conducted four clinical trials in Parkinson's, ALS, and Multiple Sclerosis, including an interventional collaborative trial with a publicly traded pharmaceutical company developing an ALS drug. The trials aim to underscore the potential of NeuraLight’s platform to predict clinical outcomes for Parkinson’s, demonstrate that oculometrics serve as a robust proxy for the ALS Functional Rating Scale (ALSFRS-R), and provide a full cognitive and motor assessment for MS. Two of the clinical trials are taking place at a world-renowned NYC clinical center.

Over the past 2 years, NeuraLight has been continuously measuring healthy subjects and patients with neurological diseases to establish measurement baselines, research confounding factors, and explore new oculomarkers, with over 1,200 healthy volunteers measured to date. Additionally, NeuraLight is actively building the world’s largest, proprietary, de-identified oculometric database to serve as a benchmark and allow the company to surface novel insights.

Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, and Austin, Texas, and co-founded by Chorus.ai founder (acquired by ZoomInfo) Micha Breakstone, Eddy Benami, and the founding CTO of Flatiron Health (acquired by Roche) Gil Shklarski, NeuraLight has raised $30.5 million and attracted an esteemed scientific advisory board which includes two Nobel laureates.

Ultimately, NeuraLight aims to create a new gold standard of measurement for neurological disorders to impact the lives of billions of people worldwide suffering from neurological disease.

To learn more about NeuraLight’s technology, please visit NeuraLight.ai. To view our product in action visit https://neuralight.ai/product_video/. To partner with NeuraLight, please reach out to: partnerships@neuralight.ai

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