Infinum is an agency that designs, builds and scales software solutions that are as powerful under the hood as they are interactive to the end-user. Our work ranges from consumer-facing mobile apps, in-vehicle infotainment displays to complex systems with multiple levels of enterprise integration. We just love a good challenge.

Spanning the US, Canada, and Europe, we're a dynamic team of over 400 professionals. Our proficiency in emerging engineering and design technologies ensures that our clients, including Porsche, Rimac Automobili & Leica, receive advanced solutions that fast-track their business growth.

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A New Era in Mobility

Like many industries, the mobility sector is experiencing widespread disruption and transformation. From the way we move locally, to the way we travel internationally, technology is enabling frictionless mobility and unlocking entirely new opportunities for consumers.

The car is no longer a hardware-focused machine but a software-powered network. We’re seeing a rise in alternative mobility platforms, resulting in a shift in vehicle ownership.

Connected - The concept of how we get from A to B is becoming less of a ride, and more of an experience. The connectivity and interaction with data are creating an entirely new customer journey.

Automated - While full vehicle autonomy is just out of reach, the list of automated driving features available to consumers is growing. Automation brings comfort and convenience, but most importantly, it increases safety.

Shared - In the future of mobility, car ownership becomes optional in favor of alternatives such as car-sharing, robotaxis, VTOL air taxis, or new public transport models.

Electrified - Carbon emission regulations and focus on renewable energy sources are driving the switch from the internal combustion engine.

Our Areas of Expertise

Infinum partners with major players like OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, and industry disruptors to innovate and transform business models for a digital future.

  • Connected car and telematics
  • Navigation and mapping
  • IoT and embedded solutions
  • Fleet management and car sharing
  • Automotive backend systems
  • In-vehicle infotainment (IVI)
  • Logistics and transportation solutions

Our Approach

Focused on user experience

We create user-centric, intuitive interfaces. The experiences we design are tested several times over with actual users, making sure the designs not only look good but make peoples’ lives easier.

Seamless integration

The vehicle is a multiple-system platform and our task is to achieve seamless integration for a smooth-running operation. We overhaul legacy systems and make sure any new APIs or software additions work with the existing code.

Fast time-to-market

Our teams work according to the Agile software development methodology, allowing for the shortest possible time between strategy workshops and product launch, without compromising quality.

Safety and security

Vulnerability to customer-safety risks from hacking attacks is an issue to be taken seriously. We take a safety-first approach to design and our Information Security Management System is certified with the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certificate.


Recalls are not the desirable kind of publicity. Our Quality Assurance team meticulously works on ensuring our deliverables are market-ready and bug-free.

About 3rd Digital Revolution In Connected Cars 2024

The 3rd Digital Revolution in Connected Cars in Munich Marriott Hotel City West, Germany on 13-14 March 2024 is dedicated to the entire Connected Car community including policymakers, business leaders, leading OEMs, Car Manufacturing companies, investors and all Connected Cars enthusiasts to gain invaluable industry insights, exchange critical business knowledge and engage in constructive discussions across 2 days of the event.

The conference will provide a perfect platform for both businesses & governments to unveil their sustainability initiatives & schemes, exchange hands-on knowledge about the latest plans and answer all the intricate questions from the most-relevant audience in a highly collaborative business setting.

We look forward to meeting you in Munich Marriott Hotel City West, Germany!

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