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There is nothing unexpected in the assertion," auto industry is continually developing, and we as a whole need to act quicker to its advancements." All the most recent innovations have changed the manner in which individuals impart and venture out starting with one spot onto the next. When the entire world is associated through the Internet, is there any valid reason why automobiles won't do likewise?

Innovation has a great deal of potential to change the world. Associated vehicles by Internet of Things are acknowledged as a well-known pattern in the auto field that will clearly make the vehicles work more astute. This blog will assist you with finding out what are associated vehicles, their intriguing components, and the eventual fate of innovation.

What is a connected car?

A car or vehicle that is associated with the Internet is known as a connected car. In this, vehicles are normally associated by means of a Wireless Local Area Network. Both inside and outside, that connected car can impart the Internet and information to outer gadgets. Most auto organizations have been utilizing two sorts of frameworks in associated vehicles; one is implanted, and the other is tethered framework.

Vehicles are reliably at the center of attention with regards to the tech world. Vehicle organizations and makers are continually trying to carry their image to a higher level through whatever the most recent innovation is. As of late, the race has zeroed in on independent vehicles and bringing self-driving vehicles into social orders across the world.

Features of Connected cars

A connected vehicle comes with a number of useful and smart features. The Internet of Things (IoT) in connected vehicles improves the driving and ownership experience while also offering a safety net through enhanced security features. The following are some of the unique qualities of a linked vehicle.

  • Setting Boundary for Vehicle with Geofencing Feature
  • Navigation Feature for Providing Suggested Routes
  • Vehicles Can Be Controlled with Voice Commands
  • Connectivity Technology Allows Vehicles to Communicate
  • Remote Parking Capability Within the Connected Car
  • Critical Security Feature to Overcome Tricky Situations

Technologies in Connected Cars

Car-to-car and car-to-infrastructure communication are both required for autonomous driving. The amount of data generated by this new way of communication will be enormous. The 5G technology will undoubtedly increase car-to-car communication and information sharing. Although we all know that self-driving or autonomous automobiles are the way of the future, 5G technology is rather different in this case. The following are the key features of 5G connectivity.

  • For faster speeds and a smoother experience, all linked cars can use 4G. However, 5G, which is the 5th generation of LTE and is substantially quicker than 4G, is the future of IoT technology for autos
  • As the number of connected vehicles on the road grows, so will the volume of data that needs to be handled. With its substantially quicker speeds and extensive coverage, 5G connectivity will shine in the sector
  • Even though 5G networks are still in their infancy, they will have a huge impact on the automotive industry

Examples of Digital Transformation in the Automotive Industry

  • Tesla long pioneered the use of artificial intelligence and big data. Since 2014, they’ve been gathering data from drivers using onboard sensors, which allowed them to push a wireless update that enhanced the accuracy of their autopilot software.
  • Volvo’s Polestar brand was named the best-positioned car brand for online sales. Like Tesla, their Polestar 1 and Polestar 2 models are only available online. However, Volvo also maintains dedicated “spaces” at physical locations in partner dealerships.
  • BMW deployed an IoT platform at its Regensburg plant to great success. It allowed them to reduce the time needed to deploy new applications by 80% and reduced quality control issues by 5%.
  • Volkswagen partnered with AR-based application developers to label automotive parts with the correct tools to be used. Known as MARTA, this system increases efficiency for service technicians.

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