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Cambridge Cognition is a leading technology company developing digital health products to better understand, detect and treat conditions affecting brain health. Our software products assess cognitive health in patients worldwide to improve clinical trial outcomes, identify and stratify patients early and improve global efficiency in pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

Our software solutions enable gold standard cognitive research and efficient clinical trials, accelerating safe and effective treatment development, helping to improve patient outcomes in conditions affecting brain health.

We support clients in over 100 countries, including the world’s leading biotech and pharmaceutical companies and more than 800 universities worldwide.

CANTAB® Digital Cognitive Assessments

Software solutions that we provide include our gold-standard CANTAB ConnectTM platform, containing the most sensitive and validated cognitive research software available.

Cognitive assessments are invaluable tools for understanding the role of specific brain functions across a range of disorders and syndromes; giving insight into underlying causes, identifying ways to detect the earliest symptoms and evaluating the effects of interventions designed to improve brain health.

Originally developed at the University of Cambridge, the Cambridge Neuropsychological Test Automated Battery (CANTAB®) includes highly sensitive, precise and objective measures of cognitive function, correlated to neural networks.

CANTAB tests have demonstrated sensitivity to detecting changes in neuropsychological performance and include tests of working memory, learning and executive function; visual, verbal and episodic memory; attention, information processing and reaction time; social and emotion recognition, decision making and response control.

Examples of tests that we offer include Paired Associates Learning (PAL), which assesses visual memory and new learning, the Motor Screening Task (MOT), which assesses sensorimotor skills and the Cambridge Gambling Task (CGT), which assesses decision making and risk-taking behaviour.

But we offer much more than CANTAB! There are a number of other advantages to choose Cambridge Cognition for your study.

Improving Clinical Trial Outcomes

We optimise clinical trial outcomes from proof-of-concept to post-marketing with proven, regulatory-accepted neuroscience technologies and full-service solutions.

Select the Right Participants

Successful clinical trials rely on identifying the right participants. However, finding, recruiting, and retaining patients is expensive and a leading cause of trial delays.

We make patient selection easier for everyone. Our services enrich and accelerate recruitment using cost-effective digital technologies to engage and pre-screen participants at-scale online, in the comfort of their own home.

Using validated digital outcome assessments, we sensitively screen against inclusion and exclusion criteria so you can select the right participants virtually and in real time, reducing at-site screen failures.

Improve Clinical Trial Design

A robust clinical trial design is essential to achieve a successful outcome. With design methodologies evolving rapidly, it is important to use the latest best-practice to establish data integrity and credibility throughout.

We specialise in improving all aspects of neurocognitive outcome assessment and patient-centred study design.

Our team of consultants, neuroscientists and statisticians are experienced in optimising trials in over 100 therapeutic areas with a holistic approach to improve study outcomes.

From protocol design to patient selection, data collection and analysis we maximise the likelihood of positive trial outcomes.

Strengthen Signal Detection

Better-characterised cognitive signals and patient outcomes increase the chances of successful treatment targeting and reduces the risk of late-stage failure.

Our industry-leading and regulatory-accepted eCOA platforms accelerate safe, effective and efficient pharmaceutical research and development.

As a primary endpoint, our products can definitively demonstrate the cognitive safety and efficacy of a compound.

As secondary or exploratory endpoints, we provide cost-effective and non-invasive means of assaying patient outcomes and brain function, aiding decision-making, dose finding and drug re-purposing.

Enabling Real World Digital Health

We develop validated digital health solutions, applying leading neuroscience to the latest technologies to improve clinical operations, data collection and patient experience.

Run Decentralised Clinical Trials

Through the recent addition of Clinpal to our repertoire, we now offer a fully integrated decentralised clinical trials solution covering all trial modules, from recruitment to clinical reporting.

Traditional research methods require participants to fit their lives around a study’s rigid timelines. Our digital health and decentralised clinical trials platforms enable you to put participants at the centre of research.

We create engaging user experiences to deliver validated outcomes assessments on technologies that your participants are familiar with. This keeps everyone engaged with the study, leading to better quality data.

And by enabling the assessment of endpoints anytime, anywhere, participants can fit your study around their busy lifestyles to maximise compliance and retention.

Identify Novel Digital Biomarkers

The pharmaceutical and healthcare industries are undergoing a technological transformation, leveraging new tools to generate and track novel data.

We develop validated digital biomarker technologies, translating multiple data sources into informative, actionable insights.

Our platforms enable the collection of passive and active data through engaging digital health apps.

By combining physiological, cognitive, behavioural and verbal measures, we capture meaningful and objective data in a cost-effective way. This enables you to better characterise behaviour and clinical symptoms to identify digital biomarkers for your treatments.

Innovative Voice Assessments

One of the most exciting innovations that we offer is our technology that uses voice to monitor cognitive function. Our two voice biomarker solutions, NeuroVocalix® and Winterlight, offer free-speech assessments and have already provided some exciting data in clinical research.

Detect, Triage and Ctratify Patients

Early detection is vital to prevent illness and improve treatment outcomes. But traditional assessment methods are often invasive, too expensive to scale or lack the sensitivity to detect early signs of decline.

Our scalable assessment technologies are proven to detect the earliest cognitive impairments associated with neurological and psychiatric conditions, enabling timely intervention to improve treatment efficacy and patient outcomes.

Using digital biomarker technology, we characterise cognition to triage and stratify patients. This is helping health systems to operate more efficiently and to match patients to personalised medicines, further enhancing treatment response and improving clinical outcomes.

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