Bosch technology creates new stories every day. Leveraging technological progress, we pioneer solutions to contemporary global challenges. Our prime contribution in the field of safeguarding brands and ensuring product traceability is ORIGIFY.

The Problem with Counterfeit Products

Counterfeit products span various categories, including luxury items like Watches & Jewelry, Footwear, and Electronics, with implications extending to health-sensitive industries like Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals. These imitations not only harm brand trust and loyalty but also pose safety risks in sectors such as Medicine and Automotive. In fact, counterfeiting affects almost the entire European economy leading to staggering losses. Counterfeiters' evolving tactics make it challenging for consumers and experts alike to differentiate genuine products.

Taking Product Authentication to the Next Level

Revolutionizing product authentication in today's digital era, Origify introduces a novel approach: Through an optical recognition system and innovative fingerprinting technology, Origify ensures secure product protection while preserving the product’s original design. This advanced method simplifies and expedites verification, enabling real-time, on-the-go authentication via smartphones. By seamlessly tracing products along the supply chain and capturing pertinent events, Origify empowers businesses with valuable insights to optimize operations. Beyond assigning distinct digital IDs to registered products, this digital authentication solution serves as a shield against fraud and unauthorized actions. Elevating digital presence and user experience, Origify is a comprehensive solution for a dynamic market.

Setting Ourselves Apart:

Origify stands out by capturing the essence of the product itself, its natural surface structure, setting it apart from traditional methods like QR codes or NFC chips. While visible security features offer traceability, they might fall short against advanced counterfeiting. Physical security features can be copied, impacting authenticity. Some items can't be marked directly due to design concerns, leaving brands vulnerable. Even invisible methods have limitations, often requiring complex verification and lacking real-time detection. Origify addresses these gaps, providing holistic and robust protection, ensuring authenticity and brand trust.

How Origify Works:

Step 1:

The manufacturer registers each product with our IOT camera device. The optical capture can also be integrated into an industrial manufacturing process. It is performed in an adequate surface area of the product, which has been defined in advance between the brand and Bosch.

Step 2:

Verification is done via a simple smartphone application (also available as White Label or SDK) that can be used by all stakeholders. This real-time process can also be performed via the IOT-Device for an industrial setting.

Step 3:

For further optimization, Bosch provides a digital management solution that helps manufacturers to manage and control the IOT-Devices across the supply chain. On the other hand, it also allows manufacturers to gain meaningful insights through aggregated data.

Find out more about us at: www.bosch-origify.com or follow our journey on LinkedIn. For questions, please contact authentication.service@de.bosch.com.

Trace, verify and secure your products with ORIGIFY!

Brand Protection Congress 2023

With the global outbreak of COVID-19, high demand for personal protection and hygiene products gave the opportunity to the criminals to take advantage of the situation to sell fake products. So, protecting the organization’s intellectual property and consumer trust is now more important than ever. World BI is organizing a high-class Brand Protection Conference which aims to discuss the industry challenges the brand owners are facing and their potential solutions. The topics range from the various online anti-counterfeiting tools and latest technological developments and intermediary liability through to the various methods that brands have adopted to protect their rights.

Speakers from notable companies like Academy of the Ministry of Interior, TUI, Roche, METRO AG, Playtika, Microsoft, Intel and many more will be joining and sharing their valuable insights.
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