Admescope is a nonclinical ADME-Tox CRO supporting pharma and biotech companies in their ADME-Tox research, regardless of if they are in discovery, lead optimization, preclinical or clinical development.

For clinical stage customers, besides providing "IND-enabling" in vitro drug-drug interaction research services, Admescope supports projects from candidate selection throughout the clinical phase with focus on metabolite identification and profiling using samples from clinical studies to ensure human metabolites are safety tested as outlined by FDA and ICH.

Admescope’s safety metabolism services offer in depth investigations as well as stand-alone analyses performed to answer specific questions raised during development. Admescope has a vast experience to support drug projects in their various in vitro and in vivo metabolite identification and profiling assays, as well as in performance of related studies e.g. the critical exposure comparison of human metabolites between human and safety species, where samples from repeated dose studies are utilized.

In vivo Metabolite Identification for Safety Metabolism services

Metabolite identification services are one of the core competence areas in Admescope’s portfolio. Our experienced scientists are available to support your team and we use state-of-the-art analytical equipment for high quality analysis including metabolite profiling and identification (Met ID) in vitro, in vivo, non-clinical and clinical samples utilizing both radiolabelled and cold samples. We comply with GDPR and have processes in place to enable Sponsor to comply with Biobank law.

  • In vitro cross species Met ID
  • In vivo Met ID (animal species)
  • In vivo Met ID human (healthy volunteers and patients)
  • Exposure comparison (MIST analysis)
  • Other matrix Met ID (e.g. tumour, brain, CSF)
  • ADME Met ID (Human, tox species; radiolabelled)
  • Milk secretion Met ID

About Clinical Trials Innovation Programme

Clinical Trials Innovation Programme is an invitation-only, premium event bringing together a mix of clinical research professionals and service providers in one stimulating environment.

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About Drug Discovery Innovation Programme 2022

Drug Discovery Innovation Programme is an invitation-only and one of the best platforms to learn the latest insights and develop lasting business relationships.

This year’s Drug Discovery Innovation Programme will highlight the challenges discovery pipelines have faced due to COVID-19 and will put a spotlight on the adoption of technology to finding the solutions.

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