The patented solution for maximum counterfeit protection

Brand manufacturers are confronted globally with damage from product counterfeiting amounting to billions. In Germany alone, more than two thirds of all brand manufacturers are affected by brand piracy. Nowadays, security labels, seal stickers or invisible ink no longer meet all the requirements for making products counterfeit-proof and protecting consumers from low-quality or harmful counterfeits. To this end, it must be possible to clearly differentiate a copy from the original in the event of unjustified product liability claims. With scanify PrintID, a printable and invisible security feature was developed as a track & trace solution for printing products, which increases the counterfeit protection of products and packaging many times over.

How does scanify PrintID work?

The forgery-proof scanify PrintID feature can be printed as EU directive-compliant labelling on various materials such as packaging, labels or surfaces, for example on folding boxes, blister packs, product or textile labels. The integration of the scanify PrintID takes place in the last step of the filling process. In the patented process, the security feature, which is invisible to the human eye, is detected and verified using complex image processing algorithms. In addition, invisible data such as serial numbers or product data of several bytes can be hidden. The recognition and authentication takes place in real time on the device – without the need for an internet connection. The image processing steps are not known to counterfeiters, so the security feature cannot be copied.

The next generation of anti-counterfeiting

Scanify PrintID technology efficiently protects brand manufacturers and can be easily and cost-effectively integrated into the production process. With the forgery-proof and patented security feature scanify PrintID, products are marked completely invisibly in digital, offset or flexo printing, even on existing designs no additional space needed for PrintID. The unique identification check for counterfeiting is carried out using an industrial camera or flexibly via iOS or Android smartphone.

The scanify PrintID solution stands out from conventional protection methods with unique specifications:

Printing / Production

  • Use in digital, flexo and offset printing
  • No varnish or printing plates, purely data-based
  • No changes in design or artwork
  • No extra space for feature needed
  • No changes to production lines
  • Customisable (per batch, e.g. with order number)
  • Serialisable (in digital printing per package, e.g. HP 30000 / 10000)
  • Inclusion of the printer or package manufacturer not required

Brand Protection Congress 2022

With the global outbreak of COVID-19, high demand for personal protection and hygiene products gave the opportunity to the criminals to take advantage of situation to sell fake products. So, protecting the organization’s intellectual property and consumer trust is now more important than ever. World BI is organizing a high-class Brand Protection Conferences which aims to discuss the industry challenges the brand owners are facing and their potential solutions. The topics range from the various online anti-counterfeiting tools and latest technological developments and intermediary liability through to the various methods that brands have adopted to protect their rights.

Speakers from notable companies like Organon, International Policy Executives Symposium/ SGA, Sky Italia, thyssenkrupp Intellectual Property GmbH, Interpol, Danfoss FZCO, Amazon and many more will be joining and sharing their valuable insights.

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