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The Dual Chamber Blister

A Highly Mobile, Fully Self Contained Solution

Our proprietary Dual Chamber Blister is a novel delivery and protection system for highly moisture-, light- and temperature-sensitive drug candidates (e.g. vaccines) and marketed drugs that require administration as a liquid, with accurate mixing just prior to use.

This innovation allows for easy and convenient reconstitution of multiple ingredients and can markedly improve user compliance.

Suited drugs could also more safely be shipped to places with intermittent cold chain and used despite limited availability of clean water.

Ideal for vaccines, lyophilizates, opthalmics, diagnostic reagents & washing agents.

In April 2019 the BMGF awarded the dual chamber blister device for injection

BMGF says “Out of 67 proposals received with a “dual blister” design under the RFP, this was the one which best met the criteria of the RFP and deemed to have the highest probability of technical success.”

“The ultimate goal would be to have the device act as a platform for a variety of vaccines (with MR vaccine as the first use case) and contraceptives…”

Drug Delivery Device Development

Scientists, engineers and innovators at heart, we try, test, mix & match to overcome all technological challenges to create the perfect drug-delivery and packaging solution for your product.

With equal focus on product usability, regulatory adherence and production efficiency, our team and network of experts will help you gain the competitive edge.

About Pharma and Device Packaging & Labelling Programme 2022

Packaging & Labelling processes play significant roles in preserving medicinal products’ quality, promoting safe use, patient adherence and responsible distribution.

With various risks threatening drug supply chain integrity (drug traceability, counterfeiting, medication errors, supply shortage), regulatory guidance and compliance technologies governing the P&L procedures across jurisdictions are transforming and becoming increasingly sophisticated.

World BI offers global insights into and practical guidelines for ensuring Packaging & Labelling compliance throughout manufacturing, artwork, drug registration and distribution processes.

Attendees will revise important global & regional regulations relating to Packaging & Labelling, how GMP-compliant artwork processes & technologies maximize drug supply chain integrity as well as disputes related to drug Packaging & Labelling quality. Case studies including OTC, Biosimilars, Combination products, APIs will also be examined in detail to offer attendees practical case studies in real-world setting.

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