Pioneers of a Disruptive Protein Expression Technology

What if you could produce the most complex protein drug candidates in a matter of days?

Many of the proteins most interesting for drug development – among them transmembrane and cytotoxic proteins, antibodies and peptides - are also often those that are the most difficult to produce.

Having the capabilities to express these candidate proteins rapidly for high-throughput screening, and then at scale for subsequent screening and trials, would accelerate drug development timelines and transform the pharmaceutical industry.

LenioBio GmbH, is a German Life Sciences company that has pioneered a disruptive protein expression technology, ALiCE, capable of producing any protein, no matter how complex, quickly, easily and at scale.

Headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany, LenioBio was founded in 2016 by experts in life sciences and business veterans with the single ambition to shake-up the status quo in biopharma manufacturing.

An expression technology for even the most difficult to express proteins

ALiCE® (almost living cell-free expression), is a eukaryotic cell-free protein expression system with a proven track record in producing complex proteins. These include antibodies and antibody fragments, growth factors, peptides and proteins with multiple membrane spanning domains. Without the constraints imposed by living systems, the cell-free system also has the advantage of being able to produce toxic proteins. Lastly, being derived from eukaryotic cells, ALiCE® has all the machinery necessary to install complex post-translational modifications like glycosylation and disulfide bonding without specific optimizations.

ALiCE® has the potential to replace CHO and HEK and their limitations in terms of speed, scaling and difficult-to-produce proteins. Being an open system that can produce even the most difficult protein in 24-48 hours, ALiCE® takes away protein expression as a key limiting step in high-throughput (screening) experiments.

A system that can operate at scale

What further sets ALiCE® apart from other expression approaches are the high protein yields it can achieve (up to 9 milligrams of protein per milliliter of lysate), and its capacity to operate at scale. We optimized our system such that it produces the same yields in a 50 µl reaction as in a 10 Liter reaction. This makes ALiCE® the first scalable eukaryotic cell-free system and an expression system that can be used throughout all stages of drug discovery, development, validation and marketing.

Together, these attributes make it a powerful tool for enabling and transforming drug discovery.

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