Excellent Partner in Clinical Trial Labeling

Faubel Pharma Services is an excellent partner specialized in the labeling of clinical trials. Faubel has grown from being a label manufacturer into a multi-service provider along the clinical trial supply chain. As a one-stop-shop, Fauel develop solutions for each type of product. Faubel also offer a wide range of services such as consulting, design, manufacturing alongside other related jobs.

Booklet Label

The Faubel-Compact® Label is particularly suitable for labeling multilingual clinical trials. With up to 113 pages of content, the Faubel-Compact® Label offers sufficient space for longer text. Mandatory labels are defined in Annex XIII of the EU Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) – principles for the manufacturing of investigational medicinal products (IMPs). Booklet labels greatly simplify processes and logistics in clinical trial labeling. All the countries participating in such trials can join right from the start.

Label Design & Routing

Supported by experienced clinical trial project managers, a large team of dedicated clinical labeling experts focuses on services that give our customers more flexibility and help shorten timelines. Faubel maintain the human resources needed to cover peak demand and function as a backup.

Label Design

Label design can be entirely dealt with by our specialists. Faubel compiles information for countries participating in international trials and handles the time-and resource-consuming intensive process of obtaining country-specific approvals.


Overprinting involves the subsequent printing of variable data on pre-produced bulk goods. We take care of the complete data preparation using validated software. UV inkjet printing systems with 100% camera controls guarantee correct printing results.

Smart Label Solutions

Faubel has aim is to develop labels that bring benefits to the user and optimize the pharmaceutical supply chain. RFID leads to a gain in efficiency by reducing errors, replacing manual jobs and speeding up processes. Integrated RFID solutions are used in track & trace applications, timetemperature monitoring or to support patient ompliance.

Faubel-Med® Label

Innovative solutions are always in demand in the niche of IMP identification. In order to save material and human resources and to design a low-risk process, Faubel launched its Faubel-Med® Label onto the market, a smart labeling system that enables the automatic updating of expiry date. The Faubel-Med® Label replaces relabeling when stability data changes.

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