Encaplast S.p.A. founded in the early 1980s by the will of the Neri family, offers customized medical and pharmaceutical packaging solutions

Encaplast S.p.A. founded in the early 1980s by the will of the Neri family, offers customized medical and pharmaceutical packaging solutions.

Encaplast has preserved and pursued the same values of the past: quality, reliability and innovation.

Now it is a joint stock company and it aims to increasingly strengthen its presence in the international market. High quality standards then prompted Encaplast to create a clean room (ISO8) with a triple work shift, where both medical and pharmaceutical packaging solutions are produced in large series, as well as small batches for particular business needs.

Encaplast Services


Product and service quality!
Medical and pharmaceutical packaging made in a clean room (ISO 8 certification), highly innovative, with the possibility of developing large production lines, but also small customized batches.

A healthy and sincere relationship with the customer!
Our sales staff is always in close contact with partners: the goal is to carefully examine the needs, providing innovative and tailor-made packaging solutions.

Innovative medical and pharmaceutical packaging!
We manufacture products in line with current standards, with an eye to the future. Research and development of cutting-edge techniques and materials allow us to propose modern and customizable solutions.

About Pharma and Device Packaging & Labelling

Packaging & Labelling processes play significant roles in preserving medicinal products’ quality, promoting safe use, patient adherence and responsible distribution. With various risks threatening drug supply chain integrity (drug traceability, counterfeiting, medication errors, supply shortage), regulatory guidance and compliance technologies governing the Packaging & Labelling procedures across jurisdictions are transforming and becoming increasingly sophisticated.

World BI V-Forum offers global insights into and practical guidelines for ensuring Packaging & Labelling compliance throughout manufacturing, artwork, drug registration and distribution processes. Attendees will revise important global & regional regulations relating to Packaging & Labelling, how GMP-compliant artwork processes & technologies maximize drug supply chain integrity as well as disputes related to drug Packaging & Labelling quality. Case studies including OTC, Biosimilars, Combination products, APIs will also be examined in detail to offer attendees practical case studies in real-world setting.