Digitalization and Mobile Solutions in Clinical Research!

The importance of digitalization and mobile solutions are steadily getting more into the focus of our daily life and business to be more flexible and save time and costs.

The business of clinical research has been influenced by the trend of digital technology as well and invested immensely in digitalizing. But the use of mobile apps is still at the very beginning and are limited to single aspects of the very complex clinical trials. A mobile app covering all important aspects of a clinical trial, which are used on a daily basis and facilitates the conduct of studies for all study team members including investigators, study coordinators (SC), clinical research associates (CRA), project managers (PM), CRA managers etc. does not exist yet!

Why CLI TRI App?

The CLI TRI App is a unique and ingenious mobile application which provides a better overview of the projects, speeds up processes by gathering the most important and very frequently used data and makes it very easy and fast accessible for the users. The well-structured representation of the routine visits and single procedures are supplied with important notes to prevent common deviations and compliance issue. The CLI TRI App serves also as a document management system with all relevant logs and documents and a contact directory to reach out to the relevant contact persons directly from the app. This approach will reduce the overall costs and increase the patient recruitment with a very good quality and accurate data.

  • All your projects at one place and always accessible via mobile device
  • Overview of project specifics straight forward
  • Overview of routine visits and guidance on single study procedures and tasks to avoid inconsistencies
  • All project-specific contacts at one place with dial and email function
  • Access to project documents, logs and newsletter easily
  • Access to ICH GCP directly
  • More motivated investigators, study coordinators, CRAs and other study team members
  • Get rid of small booklets, laminated cards and other paper documents
  • Make your projects more competitive than the others
  • Safe time and increase the financial viability

About CLI TRI Solutions

With their long-term expertise in clinical research, they are providing solutions for effective working in the conduct of clinical trials on a mobile device-based platform. CLI TRI Solutions is collaborating with CRA Managers, CRAs, Project Managers and other experts to discuss the challenges in clinical trials. Their main focus is the most common audit and inspection findings and issues experienced in the practical conduct of the clinical studies.

About Clinical Trials Innovation Programme 2022

Clinical Trials Innovation Programme is an invitation-only, premium event bringing together a mix of clinical research professionals and service providers in one stimulating environment.

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