Berlinger & Co. AG - Serving patient safety in pharma for over 30 years

Innovation has always been in the core of Berlinger’s DNA. Established in 1865, the family-owned company is today among the leading manufacturers of cold chain monitoring solutions for pharmaceutical and healthcare customers worldwide. For the last 30 years Berlinger has been serving customers in more than 170 countries within the increasingly complex global pharma supply chain. It is, therefore, the objective to continue optimizing the logistical processes, and helping customers to improve patient safety and increase efficiency whilst meeting their cost and sustainability requirements.

Experience Berlinger SmartSystem

The newest innovation SmartSystem guarantees end-to-end condition monitoring and compliance with its modular platform approach. The platform combines hardware and software augmented by add-on services to reduce site and shipment monitoring costs and maximize data transparency.

SmartSystem enables full supply chain visibility and management of investigational medicinal products, pharma, and life sciences goods. The modular device platform SmartMonitor in combination with Berlinger’s cloud solution SmartView offers maximum control and flexibility for your pharmaceutical cold chain. Modular real-time combines real-time and non-real-time monitoring technology in one solution, increasing automation and reducing costs.

Sustainability in product development

Cold Chain monitoring is part of the pharmaceutical supply chain that generates resource wastage. A recent study by the renowned sustainability advisor South Pole on behalf of Berlinger has shown that device transport, packaging and disposal play a minor role on CO2 emissions (12 percent) associated with cold chain monitoring. However, the raw materials required for device production take up to 85 percent of emitted carbon dioxide. Berlinger takes its responsibility for sustainability in the pharmaceutical supply chain seriously and reducing the environmental footprint in production development is crucial to them.

Temperature monitoring of pharmaceuticals

Continuous monitoring of the cold chain is essential to ensure flawless quality of medicines, vaccines and other active ingredients. The provisions governing this are contained in the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and GDP (Good Distribution Practice) regulations. With its headquarters in Switzerland, Berlinger has its finger on the pulse of developments and is fully aware of the dangers and risks that can arise within the cold chain.

Trust in Proven Products

Quality is always their top priority and is lived every day at Berlinger. All products need to pass a final quality inspection at the Berlinger headquarters in Switzerland.

Continuous quality control

At Berlinger, they all share equal responsibility for the quality of their products and services. They are also fully committed to total compliance with customer and industry requirements. The high quality of their products is guaranteed via ongoing improvements in the effectiveness of their quality management system, which is efficiently embedded into their core processes in accordance with a lean philosophy. For this purpose, they also continuously review, develop and optimize all their activities.

Strict guidelines and standards

As a provider of "sensitive components," their hardware and software products must meet strict standards during development, production and testing. Validation processes must be followed and quality controls implemented at all levels.

Knowledge Transfer

Continuous quality controls and in-house training ensure a high degree of expertise and efficiency among Berlinger employees. Great importance is placed on achieving technological progress when developing new products.

About Pharma Supply Chain and Logistics Innovation Programme 2022

Pharma Supply Chain and Logistics Innovation programme is a promising conference of World BI, focusing on different aspects of supply chain challenges especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Get to know how supply chain professionals ensure the agility and visibility of the complex supply chains with the technological advancements in the world nowadays. Implement the robust supply chain plans as forecasted and monitoring the distribution network, keeping in mind the last mile delivery and patient centricity.

7th Pharma Supply Chain and Logistics Innovation Programme to be held in Basel, Switzerland on 10-11 May 2022.

8th Pharma Supply Chain and Logistics innovation Programme to be held in Munich, Germany on 23-24 November 2022.

This year Pharma Supply Chain and Logistics Innovation programme will come up with new flavors discussing all the challenges for a disrupted supply chain post covid, supply chain management and supply chain differentiation covering technological advancements. This conference is a blend of discussions featuring end-end supply chain, supply chain optimization, product security & authentication and regulatory compliance.

Speakers & delegates such as MSD, GSK, Novo Nordisk, Vifor Pharma, Bayer, Johnson and Johnson, Novartis, Cytvia, Clover Biopharma and many more are looking forward to joining this conference.

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