Logistics service provider H.Essers provides personalised and integrated transport and logistics solutions across Europe

Belgian logistics services company H.Essers provides one-stop-shop delivery and logistics solutions throughout Europe. Founded by Henri Essers in 1928, the company has become one of the leaders in the field of supply chain services in logistics for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

H.Essers' strength lies in its asset-based strategy: it owns the transport fleet, warehouses and information systems. This allows the company to maintain optimal control over all its most critical processes.

Pharma Logistics as Core Business

The provision of integrated logistics solutions for the Pharma industry is a core business for the group. This obviously makes H.Essers an ideal partner for value-added solutions in temperature-controlled storage, synchromodal transport and at the same time enables the company to achieve new high standards of quality and GDP compliance.

Strategic European Network

H.Essers continues to expand its network in Europe. With its total network of 89 sites in 19 countries, H.Essers is 100% dedicated to pharmaceutical specialities and medical devices for some of the major international players in the sector, all GMP and GDP compliant. H.Essers works in close and constant cooperation with its Pharma customers and wants to grow with them. It aims to create effective, long-term and sustainable partnerships through consistent investments in value-added solutions and high-end infrastructure.

Sustainable Strategy

As a leading logistics service provider, H.Essers wants to play a pioneering role in sustainable entrepreneurship. After all, success, in our opinion, is more than the sum of income and quarterly figures. Caring for the environment, for our employees and customers, doing business with tomorrow’s generations in mind, that’s what really matters in the end. That’s why, instead of implementing a sustainability strategy, we have made the conscious decision to implement a sustainable strategy. By making sustainable strategic choices, we can really make a difference and help shape a sustainable society. We have entered into a dialogue with all our stakeholders in order to arrive at five policy objectives which are the foundations of our sustainable strategy.

Multimodal Transport Network

In order to optimally serve our customers, we have an extensive European multimodal transport network at our disposal. Depending on the customer’s needs in terms of lead times, budget and ecological footprint, we smartly combine water, rail and road transport in one integrated synchromodal solution.

All these complex operations are possible thanks to an intensive cooperation with our customers regarding systems and processes. For example, we continually invest in our own IT solutions, in modern infrastructure and a sustainable fleet. That’s how we create a sustainable partnership, based on mutual trust and feedback.

Vaccine’s Transport

In November 2020, Pfizer announced that it had developed a safe and effective vaccine to combat Covid-19, and confirmed its readiness to join forces with H.Essers to distribute it on the basis of its long-standing partnership.

H.Essers CEO Gert Bervoets said "the world has been waiting for this news. As a strategic partner we are ready to support Pfizer in the rapid and safe distribution of vaccines to make sure that in the short-term people can be vaccinated. Since 2006 our company has built up a specialised network for the transport of the most sensitive pharmaceutical products. Today we can guarantee the 100% safe and temperature-controlled transport of these vaccines."

H.Essers, therefore, has been and will be responsible for primary distribution by road to various logistics platforms and airports in Europe.

Pharma Supply Chain and Logistics Innovation programme 2022

Pharma Supply Chain and Logistics Innovation programme is a promising conference of World BI focusing on different aspects of supply chain challenges especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Get to know how supply chain professionals ensure the agility and visibility of the complex supply chains with the technological advancements in the world nowadays. Implement the robust supply chain plans as forecasted and monitoring the distribution network, keeping in mind the last mile delivery and patient centricity.

7th Pharma Supply Chain and Logistics Innovation Programme to be held in Basel, Switzerland on 10-11 May 2022.

8th Pharma Supply Chain and Logistics innovation Programme to be held in Munich, Germany on 23-24 November 2022.

This year Pharma Supply Chain and Logistics Innovation programme will come up with new flavors discussing all the challenges for a disrupted supply chain post covid, supply chain management and supply chain differentiation covering technological advancements. This conference is a blend of discussions featuring end-end supply chain, supply chain optimization, product security & authentication and regulatory compliance. Speakers & Delegates from MSD, GSK, Novo Nordisk, Vifor Pharma, Bayer, Johnson and Johnson, Novartis, Cytvia, Clover Biopharma and many more are looking forward to joining this conference

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