BAP Pharma is the fastest-growing, independently owned clinical trial supply organisation

BAP Pharma is the fastest-growing, independently owned clinical trial supply organisation, with specialist divisions in Comparator Sourcing and Secondary Packaging and Labelling. They are a global leader in the clinical trial supply industry, through their expertise, innovation and dedication to providing exceptional value and unrivalled customer service. BAP Pharma focuses on ensuring the whole clinical trial supply process is proactively and expertly managed, utilising quality assured partners, to ensure products arrive in the right condition.

They offer bespoke access solutions to their clients through their unrivalled customer centric approach, to provide truly innovative solutions, to meet the complex supply challenges that pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies face. They understand that issues such as temperature excursions or missing delivery deadlines can set a clinical trial back significantly, having a detrimental impact on all stakeholders including the patient, the company and the clinician.

BAP Pharma’s bespoke sourcing strategy is where their clients really understand the value of working with them. They work with their clients in a consultative and strategic manner to determine the optimum supply route. They have direct accounts with reliable, audited major pharmaceutical manufacturers, assuring a true pedigree for their clients, with consistency of supply and appropriate documentation.

They offer bespoke secondary packaging and labelling services, to complement their award-winning comparator business. Secondary Packaging and Labelling is a vital step in the supply chain, which involves label design and application and translations, culminating in the creation of patient’s kits, that are distributed via their global storage and distribution networks.

Clinical Trial Supply Chain Management Services include

  • Comparator Drug & Ancillary Supplies Sourcing
  • Secondary Packaging and Labelling
  • Label Design, Randomisation and Language Translations
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Cold Chain Packaging and Labelling
  • Just In Time Labelling
  • Global Storage, Distribution, Returns and Destruction services
  • Regulated Shipments
  • Licences and Key Documentation Support

BAP Pharma are driven to create exceptional value for our clients, delivering a high quality, unrivalled service, ensuring we proactively manage the whole process of clinical trial supply from start to finish.

About Clinical Trials Innovation Programme 2022

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