Amplexor is a global content partner, providing a full suite of language and content solutions, services and technologies

Amplexor is a global content partner, providing a full suite of language and content solutions, services and technologies. For over 30 years, they have been helping companies across industries to succeed in international markets through end-to-end strategies. Amplexor address all content-related needs: from digitalization to globalization.

In 2020, Amplexor joined the Acolad group, strengthening the group's leading position across industries and geographies.

Whether it’s content strategy, processes, technology or services Amplexor make it all possible.As a content services leader, Amplexor covers the content lifecycle end-to-end. They deliver scalable strategies to optimize content management across global organizations and their worldwide networks of customers, suppliers and partners.

  • Content Globalization

Scalable global content strategies, language services and technology

  • Digital Experience

Personalized experiences across all your business touchpoints

  • Life Sciences Suite

Turning compliance into a competitive advantage in the Life Sciences industry

About Pharma Packaging & Labelling:

Packaging & Labelling processes play significant roles in preserving medicinal products’ quality, promoting safe use, patient adherence and responsible distribution. With various risks threatening drug supply chain integrity (drug traceability, counterfeiting, medication errors, supply shortage), regulatory guidance and compliance technologies governing the Packaging & Labelling procedures across jurisdictions are transforming and becoming increasingly sophisticated.

World BI V-Forum offers global insights into and practical guidelines for ensuring Packaging & Labelling compliance throughout manufacturing, artwork, drug registration and distribution processes. Attendees will revise important global & regional regulations relating to Packaging & Labelling, how GMP-compliant artwork processes & technologies maximize drug supply chain integrity as well as disputes related to drug Packaging & Labelling quality. Case studies including OTC, Biosimilars, Combination products, APIs will also be examined in detail to offer attendees practical case studies in real-world setting.