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“The first congress in which i
got 100% of promised meetings.”

Business Development Director

   Who Will Attend DDIP   

Top-level Industry leaders from around 25+ Countries come to join DDIP and leave
with an exceptional experience that they return to the conferences year after year.
Delegates attending our event are asked to complete a questionnaire,which confirms
their R&D budget. They also provide details on:

  • Relevant Drug Discovery phases.

  • Drug Discovery budget of over 1 million Euros​

  • Scope of Responsibility​

  • Purchase plan for Products and services.

  • Geographies of interest​

  • Key priorities for the next 6-18 months

  • Request Brochure

   Illustrative Delegative Job Titles   

  • CEO

  • CSO

  • Director Discovery Alliances

  • VP of Chemistry

  • VP Target Discovery & Assessment.

  • Senior Director Discovery Research.

  • Senior Director Functional Genomics.

  • VP Pharmacology & Preclinical PK/PD

  • Principal Scientist

  • Head Pharmacology & Toxicology

  • Director of Discovery Strategy Portfolio

  • Executive Director Chemistry

  • VP Translational Medicine

  • Head of Drug Design

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