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11th - 12th April 2019 | Frankfurt, Germany

12th Clinical
Trials Innovation Programme

WorldBI welcomes you all to the City of Frankfurt, Germany at our 12th CTIP during 11th-12th April 2019.


Clinical Trials Conference

includes nearly every permutation of knowledge, innovation, technology and networking. It is one of the leading events focusing on all aspects of Clinical Trials and its integration with Digitization covering Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Medical Things, Big Data and Blockchain.

It aims at creating a forum for industry experts and leaders across pharmaceutical, biotechnological and CRO’s to get their hands on the latest Industry news & for brainstorming on themes related to digital innovation, collaboration, clinical affairs, new regulations, RBM, clinical development, site feasibility, patient-centricity and clinical data analytics to headway the Clinical Trials process. The scientific programme will include keynote plenaries, roundtables, pre-conference workshop, Ignite session, technology track and interactive panels.

With 12th CTIP, you are at the right place to drive collaboration with greater efficiency!

Clinical Trials Conference Speaker Jeannett Dimsits

Jeannett Dimsits

Vice President

Novo Nordisk A/S

Roma Maguire

Roma Maguire

Professor of Digital Health and Care

University of Strathclyde

Wojciech Smoron

Wojciech Smoron

Assoc. Global Trial Director


Mehdi Benchoufi

Mehdi Benchoufi

Head of Clinic, Epidemiology Dpt, at APHP

Hotel Dieu Hospital


What's New For 2019?

Pre-Conference Workshop

Get involved in an engaging & interactive workshop to improve the professional knowledge and skills required to plan and deliver successful clinical trials.

Tech Factor

This interactive session will see the leading providers of clinical technology battle against each other. Each contestant will demonstrate their platform capabilities and the winner will be decided on an audience vote.

Ignite Session

A quick-fire showcase of some of the latest innovations from start-up companies available in the industry.

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    WorldBI's 12 CTIP Pitch Sessions

    Pitch Sessions

    WorldBI's 12 CTIP Poster Sessions

    Poster Sessions

    WorldBI's 12 CTIP CEO's Panel Discussion

    CEO's Panel Discussion

    WorldBI's 12 CTIP Breakout Networking Sessions

    Breakout Networking Sessions

    WorldBI's 12 CTIP Oxford Style Debates

    Oxford Style Debates

    WorldBI's 12 CTIP Think Tank Sessions

    Think Tank Sessions

    WorldBI's 12 CTIP Fireside Chats

    Fireside Chats

    WorldBI's 12 CTIP Quick Recap

    Quick Recap


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Conference Registration

Whats Included?

  •  Access to the whole conference

  •  Access to the workshop

  •  Access to lunch and coffee sessions

  •  Access to Networking/Exhibition area

  •  Access to post-event conference presentations

  •  Marketing & Branding

To Avail All These

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& Much More

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