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29th - 30th November 2018 | Frankfurt, Germany

6th Drug
DiscoveryInnovation Programme

Drug Discovery Innovation Programme

Drug Discovery Conference is a unique and valuable platform facilitated by World BI to highlight the recent advances in research techniques for the Discovery and Designing of new drugs. This Conference will bring together research scientists, medicinal chemists, CEOs, technologists and educational institutions under one roof from all over Europe to discuss the latest scientific advances in the field of drug discovery & development that help to face current and future challenges in discovery research.

The conference will feature opening and closing plenary keynote sessions, pre-conference workshop, interactive breakout discussion groups and networking. It is an opportunity for leaders from large, mid-sized, and small pharma, biotech, vendor companies, and academic research centers to come together to share best practices and discuss the new era of AI-driven precision medicine.

Thought Leaders & Visionaries

Giovanna Bergamini

Giovanna Bergamini

Director Discovery Biology


Olaf Ritzeler

Olaf Ritzeler

Director Rare Diseases External Innovation


Wesley Blackaby

Wesley Blackaby

VP Chemistry

STORM Therapeutics

Hasane Ratni

Hasane Ratni

Expert Scientist, Section Head Medicinal Chemistry & Project Leader Discovery Chemistry

F. Hoffmann-La Roche


DDIP Expert Interview

Krishna Kanumuri

Krishna Kanumuri - CEO at sai

I came to Sai Life Sciences from global telecom firm with a finance background to help with business development. It has been a remarkable experience working with all our great partners and being a small part of their success stories. In the 14 years I have been with Sai, it has been great to witness our transformation from a 30 member chemistry services provider to an integrated discovery, development and commercial service provider with over 2,000 employees.

At Sai, we truly focus on our partner’s success. Our fundamental belief is that we can add true investor value by building long terms customer relationships, as opposed looking at profitability at a transactional level. This ensures that we take a long term view of the business over a 10 year horizon, enabling us to make larger investments in the business and offering customers the framework to have a truly collaborative relationship. We are committed to our motto of “Making things better together”.

The rate of innovation is going to accelerate. The real game changer will be the ability of companies to be flexible and aggressive in adopting new technologies and getting products to market faster.

Talent is always a fundamental driver of company’s success. Our challenge will always be to attract and groom the best talent, while creating a supporting environment for them to truly excel.

Discovery Technologies: Placing the right bets on what technologies you want to adopt. Every move involves substantial investment and takes times to implement. This really presents some high risk reward choices companies will have to make.Information Technology: We are in a major transition phase where IT technology will be integral part of how we innovate and how we analyze data. Every company needs to develop the core IT architecture in their organizations now, if they want to stay relevant. Regulatory framework: The regulations are getting much more stringent. How do you stay fast and still ensure minimum regulatory risk.

It is now more critical than ever to stay current and really understand trends in the industry. DDIP is a great place for us to network and keep us at the front end of innovation trends.

Unique Conference Format


Topic: Linking Clinical Tumour Response to Preclinical Tumour Models.

Speaker: Tao You
  29th November, 2018

What Makes 6th DDIP Unique?

    pitch session

    Pitch Sessions

     poster session

    Poster Sessions

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    CEO's Panel Discussion

     breakout networking session

    Breakout Networking Sessions

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    Oxford Style Debates

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    Think Tank Sessions

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    Fireside Chats

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