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4th - 5th December 2018 | Frankfurt, Germany


Brand Protection Congress

World BI is back with the 2nd edition of Brand Protection Congress taking place in Frankfurt. This year BPC has more focused areas and themes, the industry experts will cover the topics on IP infringements counterfeiting, organized crimes, along with new technological advancements such as AI and Blockchain. BPC provides an extraordinary platform for generating new business and helps in building long term relationships with key clients through our face-to-face business meetings. It is the best way to meet decision makers and solution providers and Develop & Implement Actionable Strategies to Combat and Strengthen Your Anti-Counterfeiting & Brand Protection Initiatives.

Thought Leaders & Visionaries

David M. Luna

David M. Luna

President & CEO

Luna Global Networks & Convergence Strategies, LLC

Jan De Visser

Jan De Visser

IP&S Manager Brand Protection, Senior Director


Matteo Mattei

Matteo Mattei

External Affairs - Director Illicit Trade Prevention

Philip Morris International

Sara Citterio

Sara Citterio

Corporate Affairs, Legal & Compliance Manager



BPC Expert Interview

I am Jan Maarten Laurijssen, one of the co-founders of Pointer Brand Protection. About ten years ago, we created the first version of our software and I’m immensely proud of how far the entire company has come since then. I currently head Pointer’s operational teams in our company of over 100 people. Personally speaking, catching the bad guys is what drives me every day.

First and foremost, we are a technology company. We collect large amounts of data and with our advanced algorithms we filter out IP infringements. Together with our legal analysts, we make sure the infringing offers are removed. Though removing the listings makes sense, we feel that to really have an impact, brand owners need to develop an online-to-offline strategy. At Pointer, we believe it’s most effective to use the information collected by our software and to apply it in offline actions to hit and disrupt active criminal networks. Monitoring and enforcing are one part of the solution, but platforms such as Amazon and Facebook play a vital role in stopping IP infringements. As a brand owner, you need to have conversations with these intermediaries and make sure they take both proactive and preventive measures on their platforms. Our data provides the insights, seller behaviors, and trends that the brand owners can then leverage during their conversations with the intermediaries. It’s a team effort and involves some cooperation and coordination, but it all works toward the goal of protecting brands and consumers.

Our mission at Pointer is to solve the problem at hand, providing a clean marketplace for consumers to purchase authentic goods from hard-working brands. This is only possible with technology. For a brand, it’s important to tackle this problem from different angles, whether that’s through online channels or through a variety of offline measures. At Pointer, we aim to centralize and streamline all the different strategies available to brand owners. For instance, identifying the large infringers, cleaning up marketplaces, having in-depth discussions with platforms to make sure they take preventive and proactive measures against said infringers, establishing relationships with key authorities all over the world—we use every tool, technology, and resource we can to stop the criminals and establish a clean trade industry.

With a team of over 30 nationalities, we take pride in working in an international and accepting environment where differences are celebrated and embraced. However, we still make it a point to endorse a few key core values at Pointer. One of these core values is ‘Smarter, Better, Smarter,’ which promotes the concept of continuous improvement—something we believe in both professionally and personally. We encourage all of our employees to actively work on personal development—in whatever area they’d like—as well as encouraging the company as a whole to pursue constant improvement in our solutions and software. In addition to this, Pointer employees often feel good about the work they’re doing. We are all fans of the brands we work for, and we take it personally when criminals try to take advantage of these brands.

I believe that innovation and customer-focused development is our key to success. We think that no brand is alike and, therefore, our teams are constantly looking for ways to improve our service and technology to tailor the new developments to each brand. In our software, we implement the most advanced technologies, such as machine learning and image recognition. Our algorithms are set to prioritizing suspicious offers instantly, and thanks to the advancements in machine learning technology, they are self-learning and constantly improving. The better we train them, the better they can train themselves, and the better we can solve the problem.

We make it a point to be involved in the brand protection industry in every possible way, which means participating in relevant conferences and congresses around the world. Based on our involvement with BPC last year—which lead to building new contacts and meeting great people—we thought it would be greatly beneficial to take part in the congress again. We hope to make similarly constructive relationships with brand owners and brand managers while letting attendees know about Pointer’s various solutions and tailor-made strategies.

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