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25th July 2019 | Singapore



The legal system in Asia is highly complex due to the multi-layered regulations comprising of federal and state laws, and related government regulations, which are frequently amended. Further, from a business perspective, one is more likely to face tough negotiations with local business counterparts in comparison to other emerging countries in Asia.

Legal Professionals & General Counsels are being forced out of their comfort zone and are reassessing the skill sets that make an effective transformative leader. Legal innovation feels like a slow, frustrating process but the progress made in the industry in the last 5 years proves how quickly things can change when outcomes dictate necessary change.

Clients expect their legal providers to know what drives them. Legal services should be designed with the client at the center and at a sufficient speed to keep up with business. The value proposition for legal services has changed. The return on investment for clients can be quantified in many more ways than it used to be, with the onus on legal firms to demonstrate value in everything they do. This is leading to an entirely new language of KPIs to demonstrate value and specialty which is transforming the traditional law firm and its structure. But are law firms measuring the right client value factors?

I Tech Law Forum covers the topical subjects of legal technology like eDiscovery, Practice Management, GDPR, M&A, Cyber Security, AI & Blockchain legal smart contracts, presented by dynamic speakers with deep subject matter expertise and extensive legal industry experience. Gathering will be 80-100 General Counsels and Lawyers, for one-day event, inaugurate with networking followed by the speaker’s presentation. iTech Law Forum bring vendors of eDiscovery, Practice management, Case Management, Cyber Security, Litigation Support / Software, Data management solutions, Artificial Intelligence Legal Tech & blockchain technology for legal & IP tech.


Legal Technology Conference

Speaker Of iTech Law Conference - Thomas G. Giglione

Thomas G. Giglione

Consultant, Accredited Mediator and Arbitrator Vietnam Ministry of Justice World Mediation Organization

The International Bar Association

Speaker Of Legal Tech Conference - Anu Kukar

Anu Kukar

Director Risk Innovation Emerging Technologies, Capability and Supplier Management

KPMG Australia

Speaker Of Legal Tech Conference - Carman Chan

Carman Chan

Founder and Managing Partner

Click Ventures

Speaker Of iTech Law Conference - Philippe

Philippe Touati

Former Head of Institutional Banking

ANZ Bank

Practice Management Graph

Legal Operations

Head of Operations, Operations Director, Director of Strategy, Financial Directors

Inside Legal Counsel Heads

Head of Legal, Head of Legal Operations, General Counsel

Legal Technology and Information Architects.

CIO, IT Director, Head of IT, Head of Information Systems, Global Innovation Architects

Law Firm

CEO, Managing Partner, Senior Partner, Partner

Business Development

Marketing, Business Development Directors.

A Unique Once a Year Opportunity:

A conference, infusing the tech & legal providing the depth of information

Learn New Trends. Strategies. Tactics:

Up-to-date legal and tech discussions, current and emerging trends, new innovations and technological advancements! Its time Say GOODBYE to the old one.

Fireside Chats:

What’s better than discussing frankly the challenges you are facing! It’s the time’ Face them!

Network & Connect:

Meet & Exchange Ideas with 80+ elite & like-minded professional

Making Decision Commercially Viable

Thought provoking discussions, leading you to make your viable commercial decisions

Buyer’s at one stop:

Connecting you with buyers across the world in a Forum, to learn about your services & your techno tools

Get inspired

Get inspiration by meeting with highly skilled professionals which made the positive impact to the industry.

Value for the Money!

At this High-class conference, you will access strategic, planning knowledge & expertise that’s worth its weight in the investment you spend with us.

Spread the impact

Sharing is Caring! Share the knowledge which you gather & get set to make a change.

Join us in drinks Reception!

Learning, networking & Celebrations! What a best Combo.

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