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7th - 8th March 2019 | Munich, Germany

5th Pharma Supply Chain & Logistics Innovation

This year WorldBI is back with the new flavors to achieve Efficient Supply Chain Management including Digital Transformation, Product Security & Authentication, Regulatory Compliance & E2E Supply Chain.

Pharma Supply Chain & Logistics is one of the leading conferences focusing on covering all the aspects of the Supply Chain & Logistics and its integration with Digitization, covering Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Block Chain.

Interactive discussions by the experts on Forecasting, efficiently managing the Demand & Supply, Optimizing the Supply Chains by reducing the Operational, Transportation & Distribution cost while complying with the Regulations. End to End Supply Chain Management including Inventory Management, Last Mile Distributions, Temperature Excursions or CRT, choosing a Right Transportation while maintaining the Product Security & Authentications.

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Zvonimir Majic Ph. D

Zvonimir Majic Ph. D

Director Quality Logistics

Teva Pharma

Arni Hrannar

Arni Hrannar Haraldsson

SVP Business Development and Supply Chain Management

Lopex Pharma

Amelia Benci

Amelia Benci

Director, External Quality Assurance - Distribution & Logistics


Neil Lawrence

Neil Lawrence

Global Serialisation Champion
Global Manufacturing and Supply



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PSIP Expert Interview

Luiz Barberini

Luiz Barberini - Operations Manager at Bayer

I´m a 53-years old Brazilian mechanical engineer. I´ve studied and worked all my life, focusing on supply chain. Besides my work at a multinational pharmaceutical company, I also teach supply at universities in Brazil. I´m a former shooting instructor, married for 28 years, have 3 children (now grown men) and two dogs. Don´t like carnival, but love barbecue with friends and family, as well as biking, walking and traveling.

There are companies that relies exclusively on internal resources for production and other ones that utilizes external capacities in order to optimize their resources. These full internal ones seem to be more flexible (based on an installed capacity) but carries more fixed costs. The external-manufacturing ones present a rational cost but lack some exclusivity in their production lines.

Any adopted model that guarantees full customer service might be considered effective. An efficient supply chain takes the best outcome from the resources you allocate and when using these resources in such a a way that it gets 100% service level, you´re ok. Those resources will vary upon the model you use and the complexity of your operations.

Full Impact! By one side, we can be more effective the better we forecast, and nowadays we have different ways to determine sell-out demands and convert it in business needs. On the other end, the tracking data we have at our transports and the use of effective models allows us to act proactively in the distribution chain.

A great one, indeed. It focuses on aspects like our people, customer value & trust and competitiveness – simple metrics that are the really important ones. We also rely on a few “license to operate” pillars that are the foundations of the execution profile . Actually it took a lot of time and effort to build up a simple yet effective vision of our strategy

We must improve our capacity to anticipate customers’ needs and fulfil these needs. We can use a different predictable model that considers other factors that impact in service level. I also understand that some technical characteristics will be very similar among competitors and one way to differentiate the service we offer is through an effective relationship model – and to build up this B2B -> P2P movement is a challenge.

At PSIP we have the opportunity to identify TRENDS! We must understand that we´ll be in touch with very new concepts and experiences and nothing comes ready to use in a everyone-basis condition. So we can see , at first-hand, what are the actions happening on top companies and extrapolate to our own companies, adequating to one´s situation but having a vision on what can be obtained through these new processes / techniques.


Topic: Tackling Counterfeit medicines is the serious concerns; methods to identify the fake drugs.

 Fake Drugs: a cause for concern globally

 Counterfeit medicines and online Pharmacies - challenges & solutions

 Government bodies interactions to protect against false medicines

 A systematic review & solutions

  Monika Derecque-Pois
  7th March, 2018


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