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“We were happy with the attendee profile,
the discussions and some of the presentations
were really high profile”

Head of Clinical Operations
Mene Research

   Who Will Attend MDIP   

Top-level Industry leaders from around 25+ Countries come to join MDIP and leave with an exceptional experience that they return to the conferences year after year. Delegates attending our event are asked to complete a questionnaire, which confirms their R&D budget.
They also provide details on:

  • Medical Devices budget of over 1 million Euros.

  • Scope of responsibility.

  • Purchase plan for Products and services.

  • Geographies of interest.

  • Key priorities for the next 6-18 months.

  • Request Brochure

   Illustrative Delegative Job Titles   

  • Pre-Clinical Testing

  • Clinical Testing

  • Clinical Monitoring

  • Feasibility Assessment

  • Project Management

  • Data Management

  • Medical Device Testing

  • Clinical Development

  • Biocompatibility Testing

  • Quality Assurance

  • CE-Marking

  • Research & Development

  • Medical Imaging

  • Design & Development

  • Medical Translation & Localization

  • Medical Device Engineering

  • Sterilize & Packaging

  • Preclinical Medical Devices Testing

  • Post-Market Surveillance

  • Regulatory Affairs

  • Technology & Innovation

  • Performance Evaluations

  • Product Registrations

  • Medical Writing & Reporting





   Expert Interviews