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23rd - 24th April 2020 | Munich, Germany

15th Clinical
Trials Innovation Programme

WorldBI welcomes you all to the City of Munich, Germany at our 15th CTIP during 23rd-24th April 2020.


Clinical Trials Conference

includes nearly every permutation of knowledge, innovation, technology and networking. It is one of the leading events focusing on all aspects of Clinical Trials and its integration with Digitization covering Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Medical Things, Big Data and Blockchain.

It aims at creating a forum for industry experts and leaders across pharmaceutical, biotechnological and CRO’s to get their hands on the latest Industry news & for brainstorming on themes related to digital innovation, collaboration, clinical affairs, new regulations, RBM, clinical development, site feasibility, patient-centricity and clinical data analytics to headway the Clinical Trials process. The scientific programme will include keynote plenaries, roundtables, pre-conference workshop, Ignite session, technology track and interactive panels.

With 15th CTIP, you are at the right place to drive collaboration with greater efficiency!


What's New For 2020?

Pre-Conference Workshop

Get involved in an engaging & interactive workshop to improve the professional knowledge and skills required to plan and deliver successful clinical trials.

Tech Factor

This interactive session will see the leading providers of clinical technology battle against each other. Each contestant will demonstrate their platform capabilities and the winner will be decided on an audience vote.

Ignite Session

A quick-fire showcase of some of the latest innovations from start-up companies available in the industry.

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15th CTIP Expert Interview

I have been working in the industry for 16 years, in various roles and capacities, and have been strongly rooted in the data world for clinical research. Over the years, while expanding my own knowledge and scope into clinical development operations, my latest roles have brought me to be highly engaged with customers and colleagues from a development perspective in getting small to medium size biotech/device companies to the clinical development stage and their programs moving.

I think the greatest challenge is to see beyond the high level of competition and embrace our strengths as a provider. Building collaborations with not only other CROs but more so, creating a unified team for the customers. For smaller biotech and device companies this holds the most value for them and for us in being able to apply our experience and knowledge to successfully execute.

There are so many moving pieces in the industry, though I think obviously there is a lot of momentum behind further personalizing medicine – whether it be through ATMPs or application of AI to the way we treat patients. Application of what we already know as well as utilizing that knowledge to advance the way we innovate will remain a huge driver and constant game changer.

There are obvious intricacies to each trial, however when thinking of cross authority compliance, we need to keep in mind the highest level of requirements applicable as well as the way collect and interpret results. Standards which have been put in place for data is certainly a huge consideration for any company and should be implemented at the earliest stage possible.

Since our industry doesn’t allow for a lot of, “artistic flavor”, I think we need to stay on point with what is required and expected, however as a service provider I always have liked thinking outside the box as much possible. I don’t like to think of CRO services as a shopping trip for the customer where they just purchase ready products – there is always a level of customer level uniqueness and that must be considered.

Design of the trial and considerations for the safety aspects as well as the approach for the (depending on the type of device) usability, functionality, etc.

Our level of involvement, from very early in our relationships with customers, seeks to assess the precise needs and thereby how we can apply our own knowledge (local or general) to meet regulatory deadlines. It is often the case that though a timeline has been set, there can be many opportunities for efficiency increase, however that always involves knowing exactly where we are in the big picture.

I am looking forward to engaging with companies on not only areas of where Crown CRO may be able to assist, but also to have exchanges of ideas, understand further the challenges that we are all facing in the industry as well as brainstorming ways, new or reinvented, on how to solve those challenges.

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