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Drug Discovery Conference 2019
21st - 22nd May 2019 | Boston, MA

8th Drug
Innovation Programme

Drug Discovery Conference

Drug Discovery Conference has continued to serve as a prestigious platform for industry thought leaders and researchers creating an environment for collaboration and exchanging ideas to accelerate discovery projects.

8th DDIP promises to deliver exactly the same where you get a chance to meet professionals from around the globe discussing their most recent innovations, researches, breakthroughs & advancements in the field. At this Esteemed conference, Service Providers has the privilege to meet the peers and fellow decision makers from Pharmaceuticals, biotech and academic institutions to forge lasting relationships.

So, Mark your calendars and plan your journey to be a part of this exciting event!

Jose Duca

Jose Duca

Global Head of Computer-Aided Drug Discovery


Li Peng

Li Peng

VP, Biotherapeutics Discovery, Immuno-Oncology, Antibody Engineering

Palleon Pharmaceuticals

Tauseef Butt

Tauseef Butt

President & CEO

Progenra, Inc

Erik Hett

Erik Hett

Head of Experimental and Chemical Biology


Begin The Journey With A Call

Canada: + (1) 647 849 3326

UK: + 44 (0) 20 3129 8222

What Makes 8th DDIP Unique?

    Medicinal Chemistry

    Pitch Sessions

    Drug In Development Conference

    Poster Sessions

    Pharmaceutical Drugs Conference

    CEO's Panel Discussion

    Preclinical Trials Conference

    Breakout Networking Sessions

    Artificial Intelligence In Drugs

    Oxford Style Debates

    Target Identification Conference

    Think Tank Sessions

    Target Drug Test

    Fireside Chats

    Deep Learning In Drug Discovery

    Quick Recap


Whats Included?

  • Access to the whole conference

  • Access to the workshop

  • Access to lunch and coffee sessions

  • Access to Networking/Exhibition area

  • Access to post-event conference presentations

  • Marketing & Branding

To Avail All These

& Much More

  • $1,999