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Our 2023 Speakers

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Suzanne Ivory

COO, Global Software Division

Asmita Khanolkar

Senior Director, Cambridge Pharma/Oval, Technical Strategy & Commercialization
World BI Speakers

Bijan Elahi

Corp Advisor, Consultant, Educator, Product Safety Risk-Management

Erika Diago Rufino

Director Regulatory Affairs at Janssen Pharmaceutical Qualified Person
Janssen Brasil
World BI Speakers

Mariana Ramírez Telles

Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Nélio Drumond

Associate Director, Global Manufacturing Sciences
World BI Speakers

Roberto Zumbado

Head of Technical Services

Sriman Banerjee

Head of Packaging Design, Development & Commercial Devices

Shruti Parikh

Associate Director Product Development
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Exciting Agenda Highlights

Fuel your mind with captivating keynotes, engaging panels, and exclusive industry insights
Packaging Innovation and Technology
Regulatory Structured Content and Artwork
Risk Management for Medical Devices
Digital Packaging and Labelling
Cryo-shippers Challenges
Sustainable Packaging
Medical Device Packaging Design
Toxicological Risk Assessment in Packaging
Sterilization Validation for Medical Devices
Primary Packaging
Secondary Packaging
Global Pharmaceutical Packaging Delivery Solutions
Foreign Languages Labelling
Patient Accessible Packaging
Regulatory Affairs

An excellent event in a relatively intimate environment with high caliber content!


Very good there was a lot of talks/speeches on sustainability, nice mixture of speeches.


It was a pleasure to join your forum this year.

WRI Group

Very well-organized program and enjoyed the Presentation sessions.

Nestlé Health Science

This one was actually one of the more successful events for us.


It was a wonderful opportunity to give the global packaging community an account of the current status of sustainability in the packaging world.

World Packaging Organization

Good event with very interesting presentations, good venue.

SHARP Services

My experience at WorldBI was very positive. It was a very casual and friendly environment which made me comfortable to present considering it was my first time.

Human Factors Engineer

Katja Kandora

I found this event very exciting, first and foremost because we met some fantastic customers. We had some really interesting meetings and a fantastic opportunity. We will definitely attend the event the following year, as it has been extremely beneficial.


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San Francisco,

Explore California And Its Rich Culture,
Architecture, And Cuisine!

Industry Blogs

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Cold Chain Packaging Solutions and Challenges

Monitoring the temperature of perishable items is known as the "cold chain," which ensures.....

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Pharma Packaging
Robotics in Packaging: Emerging Trends and Future

The term "synergetic robotics" describes the fusion of various robotic components and technology.....


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