What Makes xCures’ Approach Unique is their Inclusion of the Current Clinical Trials and Research

Cancer is a complex disease that affects millions of people worldwide. The diagnosis of cancer will always be devastating and life-changing but having a clear and researched treatment plan is where xCures comes into play. The company leverages the most advanced technology on the market to support cancer patients navigate the overwhelming process of trying to judge the best treatment plan for them.

So, how does xCures do this?

The primary method xCures uses to assist cancer patients is through its AI-powered system. xCures platform uses machine learning algorithms to automatically analyse and structure all of a patient’s medical record and creates a powerful care summary. It takes in a range of patient data, including a patient’s medical history, genetic information, and imaging data.

When requested by the patient’s physician, xCures’ powerful AI enginecross-references a patient’s data against the extensive digital library of oncology products to produce a list of the most suitable treatment for that patient and their physician to consider.

What makes xCures’ approach unique is their inclusion of the current clinical trials and research. Clinical trials are essential to research & development, advancing drugs, and treatment options and improving patient outcomes

With their commitment to innovation, xCures was named as the winner of UCSF Digital Health Awards in 2021 which puts the spotlight on innovative companies that are transforming healthcare through technology.

Gaining access can be challenging for many patients as there are often strict criteria to be eligible and limited availability. xCures’ have created a platform that helps to connect eligible patients with the clinical trials that would be best suited to their needs, this increases their chance of accessing the best treatments that may not have been otherwise available to them.

In conclusion, cancer is a devastating disease that affects millions of people worldwide. xCures is a healthcare company doing amazing work by leveraging the latest development technology to improve outcomes for cancer patients. To gain a deeper understanding of the work they are doing, meet xCures at World BI’s Digital Health & AI Innovation Summit.

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