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WestRock is a global leader in sustainable, fibre-based secondary packaging solutions.

Within our Consumer Packaging division, we operate a specialised business unit focused solely on Pharmaceutical & Clinical, our dedicated team providing packaging solutions for clinical trials and patient medication adherence.

WestRock partners with our customers to provide printed packaging solutions for their Clinical Trial and Adherence focused Child Resistant Senior Friendly packaging needs. We offer a complete range of innovative packaging including multi-vial and injector cartons, complex calendarized blister packs, and SMART digitally and electronically enabled platforms.

Our business is packaging but our strength is developing solutions to meet client requirements. We focus on innovation and leverage our extensive knowledge of the clinical trial and drug launch process to create package solutions that optimise supply chain whilst improving patient adherence. This is what our customers have come to expect and value – and this is what we commit to deliver.

Clinical Trial Packaging Solutions | WestRock

Clinical Trial Packaging – Solution Provider

Packaging can be a critical component in the success of clinical healthcare trials, helping to improve adherence and results. With a fundamental understanding of the Clinical phases II through to IV and onwards towards launch our range of innovative adherence and digitally-enabled SMART packaging solutions can help your investigators better monitor patient adherence, leading to improved adherence, optimized patient exposure to the drug, better data and statistical power, and ultimately, more accurate clinical trial results.

We support the clinical-to-commercial journey with an integrated approach that includes:

  • An expert-to-expert engagement model to help support improved patient usage.
  • Deep market experience.
  • Secondary Packaging that's based on therapeutic focus, regimen and patient needs.
  • A suite of Digital Adherence Technologies (DAT), including Electronic Dosepak® and Cerepak® based on our Dosepak® proven adherence platform that support a digital measure & monitor approach to medication adherence.
  • Digital Display Labelling – our latest in terms of advancing technologies

Our way of working

  • Solution focused
  • Clinical Mindset & understanding
  • Therapeutics & regimen insights
  • Regulatory knowledge and experience
  • Sustainability infrastructure, support and focus

Our solutions supporting your requirements

  • Suite of Secondary packaging for Clinical Trials & Child Resistant Senior Friendly solutions
    • Clinical/Commercial Blister wallets - parenteral ( vials, injectors) carton designs
    • Child Resistant & Senior Friendly packaging platforms – Wallets – Dosepak® iterations
    • Labelling solutions - extended content labels
    • SMART digital solutions – Blister & Parenteral ( Injectors, vials) - Cerepak® - Injectapak® - Electronic Dosepak® ,
    • Digital Display Labels
    • Secondary packaging Cold Chain solutions
  • Artwork & Graphics consultation
  • Technical Support, design and testing

Prescription Drug Packaging - Proven Adherence Solutions

In pharma, we hold packaging expertise in providing tested and proven child-resistant and senior-friendly(CR-SF) packaging solutions.

Our innovative platforms help improve patients’ adherence to medication, supporting health outcomes and overall healthcare system costs.

As a full-service provider with specialized design development, testing capabilities and project management, we’re guided by deep regulatory knowledge and a clinical mindset focused on the patient user experience. We have an extensive range of CR-SF adherence products, with over 1.5 billion packs in the market, and the ability to support a wide range of dose forms.

With complicated development and commercialization processes, the prescription drug industry requires packaging that addresses the unique needs of each stage of the product life cycle. From packaging that improves adherence and patient experience to end-to-end security solutions, we utilize cutting-edge technology and bold innovation to solve critical industry challenges.

We set our customers up for success with a full suite of healthcare-focused packaging solutions, including:

  • Innovative packaging solutions that can meet your needs at each stage of a product's life cycle — from clinical trial to commercialization.
  • A unique suite of child-resistant and senior-friendly adherence packaging solutions.
  • In-depth industry and regulatory knowledge.
  • Dedicated manufacturing sites with global quality system.
  • Paper-based solutions to advance sustainability goals.
  • Design resources focused on patient experience and operational efficiency.

Contact Details:

Brian Sheridan, VP Global Adherence & Clinicals, WestRock

T +353 1 8825858| M +353 86 4180249

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World BI is set to host the CLINICAL TRIAL SUPPLY FORUM 2024, where pharmaceutical professionals and industry experts will be present to address the most serious issues facing the clinical trial business. We bring together experts in the field of clinical supplies in this forum to talk about industry trends, updates on regulations, and best practices. Pharmaceutical firms, CROs, and other associated sectors send representatives to this conference, which usually covers a wide variety of issues relating to clinical trial supply. Logistics, packaging, labeling, and regulatory compliance are just a few of the topics this forum frequently discusses in relation to clinical trial supply chain management. Further emphasizes the improvements and difficulties in the supply chain management of clinical trials.

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