Unlock the Full Potential of Patient Feedback

Welcome to the next generation of patient care — powered by video, text and audio.

Proactively engage patients anytime, anywhere with our AI-powered patient assessment and monitoring solution. Providers and payors save time and resources while improving outcomes and reducing costs.

AI-driven, measurement-based care platform for patient assessment and monitoring that transforms how you interact and track your patient’s journey illuminating the hidden depths of patient behavior and outcomes.

Empower your healthcare strategies by detecting at-risk patients, make impactful decisions, and measure results like never before.

Transforming Conversations into Insights

Without additional staff or clinical resources, Videra Health’s automated measurement-based care platform administers standard and custom assessments for anxiety, depression, mood disorders, substance use, and many other behavioral health conditions.

Unprecedented Patient Engagement

Empower patient voices with our user-friendly interface, designed for easy access and ensuring they're heard when it matters most.

Integrate with any EMR System

Integrates with your EMR via API, FHIR, HL7, or SFTP flat file, with manual uploads as needed—to ensure seamless bi-directional data exchange.

Empower Clinicians

Free up precious time for healthcare professionals to focus on what they do best - delivering unparalleled care.

Measuring the Human Experience

Capture patient experiences in their own words—fostering deeper engagement and a more human-centered approach to care.

Advanced Voice Analysis

Videra utilizes cutting-edge voice analysis technology, enabling your patients to accurately record responses using their own words.

How Videra AI Digital/Video Assessments Work

A seamless integration without disrupting workflows

Providers and payers are constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance patient engagement, streamline care delivery, and maximize clinical outcomes. Videra Health stands as the beacon of modern patient assessment solutions, setting new standards in identifying, triaging, and monitoring those at a higher risk.

Patient Receives Assessment

Our platform initiates the process of sending tailored assessments to patients that they can completed anytime, anywhere.

Capture More with AI-Assisted Video

Our proprietary AI technology captures nuanced patient responses via video, providing a deeper understanding of their condition.

Ask the Right Questions

Our system ensures assessments are directed to extract the most critical information needed to assess the appropriate level of care.

AI Assessment Surfaces a Patient in Need

Our AI technology immediately identifies and alerts providers about patients requiring urgent attention, ensuring timely and appropriate care.

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