Discover new insights. Stop counterfeiters early

ApiraSol was founded in Germany in 2010 with support from the German private sector.

ApiraSol is the investigative approach to Brand Protection. The ApiraSol Cluster Analysis, combines online intelligence with shipments analytics, uncovering the entire counterfeit supply chain, from producers to importers, distributors and retailers

We are able to identify manufacturers behind online listings and help brand owners to translate web-based intelligence into concrete physical seizures, and investigation.

Patterns can be identified with TBML Monitoring

  • Trade of perishable or suspicious products not needed at destination
  • Triangle Schemes & Trade structures that are unnecessarily complex
  • Over-Invoicing
  • Under-Invoicing

ApiraSol analyzes the actual trade patterns, products and supply chains

  • KYC/ KYB Checks
  • Enhance SARs with Trade-Analytics
  • Early detection of illicit trade
  • Expand UBO Research

About TBML

World BI is organizing a webinar on Trade Based Money Laundering on 03 November 2021. which aims to discuss the industry challenges and their potential solutions. The topics range from Proceeds of crime alongside legitimate trade transactions and best practices for authorities to mitigate this threat. This is your chance to meet ApiraSol and other solution providers at an invitation-only gathering of professionals.