Our Clients Protect their Brands and Engage their Customers Through Scantrust‘s Secure QR Code Platform

Who works with us?

How we help our partners

Our partners protect their brand with Scantrust secure QR codes for anti-counterfeiting, product traceability, and customer engagement that is installed and setup using existing packaging processes.

Why use secure QR Codes for anti-counterfeit packaging?

Instant product authentication with a smartphone
  • Scan and authenticate any product with a Scantrust secure QR code using most mobile phones
  • Authentication scanning can be set up to use a dedicated mobile app or no app at all for wider compatibility through a mobile webpage
  • Compatible with most modern smartphones
  • Embed authentication function into apps, on your website, or via API or redirect.
  • Supports inspector-level authentication with login

Our secret sauce

Secure OR codes use simple but robust technology for anti-counterfeit packaging and documents
  • Secure QR codes are standard QR codes upgraded with a secure graphic that creates a new kind of anti-counterfeit packaging and document feature
  • Secure OR codes can be serialized (unique) or non-serialized QR codes (SKU/ product grouping level)
  • Works with most industrial printers using standard inks and substrates
  • Based on decades of technological research and discovery

Hear it from our partners

Scantrust’s Mission:

Scantrust use the Scantrust secure QR code and unique digital identifiers to help brands mitigate supply chain risks and build meaningful relationships with their customers. When every product has its own digital identity, it’s easy for anyone to authenticate products and access detailed product information. This makes the product journey more transparent and establishes trust between brands and customers. We take pride in making software which is a joy to use, while solving problems on a global scale. The Scantrust team is passionate about providing exceptional service and we bring our team diversity, sense of purpose, integrity, and openness to everty aspect of the work we do.

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Brand Protection Congress 2022

With the global outbreak of COVID-19, high demand for personal protection and hygiene products gave the opportunity to the criminals to take advantage of situation to sell fake products. So, protecting the organization’s intellectual property and consumer trust is now more important than ever. World BI is organizing a high-class Brand Protection Conferences which aims to discuss the industry challenges the brand owners are facing and their potential solutions. The topics range from the various online anti-counterfeiting tools and latest technological developments and intermediary liability through to the various methods that brands have adopted to protect their rights.

Speakers from notable companies like Organon, International Policy Executives Symposium/ SGA, Sky Italia, thyssenkrupp Intellectual Property GmbH, Interpol, Danfoss FZCO, Amazon and many more will be joining and sharing their valuable insights.

Register with us to learn more!