At RxSource our passion is to improve the lives of patients. As a provider of clinical trial supply services to the global pharmaceutical and biotech industry, we strive to achieve the extraordinary by offering industry-leading timelines for clinical trial supply projects.


With access to traditional and alternative markets, direct and open market options, and rapid response times, we offer cost effective sourcing solutions for your clinical trial needs. We provide sourcing services for medicines such as comparators, co-meds, non-investigational medicinal products and reference-listed drugs.

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Packaging & Labelling

Whether you are running a Phase I trial for one kit or a global Phase III trial with thousands of kits, we provide secondary packaging and labelling solutions to meet your needs. From our facilities in Canada, USA and the EU, we offer demand-led packaging, traditional packaging or a hybrid model to ensure product waste is kept to a minimum without compromising patient access.

We operate under global processes and a single global Quality Management System, ensuring consistent and compliant service delivery across our network. From early 2023 all sites will be supported by a single global ERP system, further enhancing our ability to work to common global standards.

Storage & Distribution

RxSource offers a global reach to support international clinical trials. Our owned facilities are in key markets providing strategic access to North America and the EU. Additionally, we work with a network of approved depot distribution partners in countries and regions where we do not currently operate. These offer the benefits of reduced transit time from order to shipment, lower courier costs, and help minimise administration costs associated with cross-border shipments. Our team, and our depot partners, can also support clients with services such as Importer of Record and Import VAT management.

With a focus on quality and compliance, we provide secure and temperature-controlled storage of clinical trial materials, whether Controlled Room Temperature, Refrigerated, Frozen or Deep Frozen. Our comprehensive depot network is designed to support every phase of your clinical trial, from start to finish.

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About Clinical Trial Supply Forum 2023

Clinical supplies (CS) are mostly related to clinical trial supplies, including bulk materials and demand forecasts. During the past few decades, the supplies of drugs and medical devices have had some major challenges. The foundation of the clinical trial supply chain is uncertainty. It is challenging to run the supply chain effectively because variables like recruitment speed, patient attrition, maximum tolerated doses, titrations, and patient characteristics are intrinsically unknown. It's crucial to transmit accurate, current data throughout departments and consider the effects of actions made in one department on each other to produce an effective end-to-end clinical trial supply chain process. Yet, communication can be challenging because these decisions are frequently made by many teams with various goals in various systems.

Today more than ever, manufacturing resources are scarce and drugs are expensive. But did you know that 55-75% of drugs are wasted in an average trial? Not only does drug waste increase your costs; but it also leads to supply bottlenecks that slow down clinical programs. Unused supply delays the initiation of other trials that could have benefitted from having access to it and prevents you from bringing your drug to market on schedule. Stock-outs, which once more may be brought on by inadequately anticipated demand, may occur when there is a lack of consistency in supplies to keep patients taking the study drug.

This could occur as a result of an unexpectedly high initial enrollment rate, which strains the limited drug supply, as well as low production yields, which could delay the supply of comparative drugs. World BI organizing the CLINICAL TRIAL SUPPLY FORUM 2023 in which you can find industry experts and pharma professionals who continue to provide wide plate-form to tackle the most pressing challenges in the clinical trial sector.

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