Life Science Software Company

nuvoteQ is a life science software company launched in 2015 to provide integrated Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solutions within clinical research, eliminating the problems inherent to paper-based data collection methods. Their intelligence engine runs on their EMR's real-time database and allows their team of statisticians and data managers to do predictive analytics and enable adaptive clinical trial designs. Their uniquely designed solution allows all the stakeholders within the product development lifecycle to work on a central, cloud-hosted platform sharing the same database.

They believe that solutions should be completely configurable through the front-end while still maintaining strong technical cohesiveness in the back-end. They follow the design principal of the "lego block" and ensure that all new features of their respective product stacks are totally inter-operable and compatible with each other. So doing, empowering the customer and/or business analyst to create their ideal solution.

They have recently branched out into other industries which are also highly regulated and are planning to make use of their existing software stack to create solutions for these markets: aviation, insurance and primary healthcare.

They have a leadership & development team with more than 100 years of combined experience in drug & software development. They make use of the latest technologies to ensure that their development platforms are current and relevant to the industry changes. Although they abide by the strict rules set out by industry specific regulatory authorities on developing applications storing sensitive information, they are forward thinking in their processes and venture to produce market relevant and user-friendly systems.

Our Design Philosophy

Our platforms allow the customer to configure their solution entirely through the front-end (no-code platform) in a similar way you would use Lego blocks to build a house or a car.

The configuration options include (but are not limited to):

  • Role-based access
  • Edit check validators
  • Skip/add logic
  • Derived calculations
  • Workflows & Automated notifications

This way of putting solutions together has transformed the way solutions are built and have reduced cost/time up to 80% which have made us very competitive in the market.

Using No Code Platforms in the Life Science Industry

  • The structure of our research platforms follows the idea of a patient file, where each file contains several folders (which represent a patient visit) with several different forms/procedures inside.
  • Each of the forms/procedures contain one or more questions/data-points which is captured against the specific subject.
  • We create new features within our secure product stack on a weekly basis. These features are fully compatible with the rest of the product and can be switched on by a click of a button.
  • We work with our customers to understand exactly what their need is. Our highly skilled "block-builders" then work with our customers to put the correct blocks in the right places.

About Clinical Trials Innovation Programme 2022

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