30 Years of Experience in Online Brands Protection

With nearly 30 years of experience in online brands protection, Nameshield assists brands in order to protect, monitor and defend their digital territories.

To meet all your needs, Nameshield offers a full range of monitoring and services:

  • Domain names monitoring (new registrations / content / whois etc.)
  • Web and social networks monitoring
  • Trademark and domain names portfolio audit
  • Remediation solutions, recovery procedures and acquisition by their in-house legal department.

Discover their services adapted to your Brand Protection needs.


The constant increase in the frequency, power and sophistication of attacks never ceases to remind us that the fight against cybercrime and the implementation of an optimal cybersecurity strategy are now essential to protect our digital territory.

As the first French registrar certified ISO 27001 for all of its registrar activity, Nameshield places cybersecurity at the forefront of its requirements. Nameshield offers you effective solutions to reduce the risk of cyberattacks and benefit from optimal protection for your domain names.

Nameshield proposes services offering maximal security to your assets in order to defend efficiently your brands on the digital territory.

Intellectual property

The protection of trademarks on the Internet is a crucial subject due to the ever-increasing number of infringements being perpetrated against brands.

Nameshield has developed effective and relevant remediation tools, associated with an experts consulting offer allowing brands to preserve their integrity and assert their rights. Nameshield proposes a large variety of audit services, consulting and brand protection on the Internet in order to maximize the value of your intangible assets. By associating technology, expertise and experience of the real world, Nameshield protects and strengthens your brands on the Internet.

To answer to all your needs, Nameshield proposes:

  • Audit of your domain names portfolio
  • Domain names monitoring
  • Web monitoring
  • Domain names recovery procedures
  • Domain names acquisitions

Domain Names Management

Accredited ICANN and certified ISO 27001, Nameshield assists companies in the management of their domain names portfolio

Your brand is the identity of your company. Online, it represents your digital territory. Mirror of your activities, your Internet presence is vital: It’s necessary to perfectly and sustainably manage the assets.

We are only at the beginning of a major social revolution induced by the combination of digital technology and the Internet. Intellectual Protection, foundation of the value of innovation, is strongly shaken by the Internet. It’s necessary to search for new approaches and solutions from a trusted partner, to protect at the right price, the intangible assets, which represent brands and domain names.

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Brand Protection Congress 2022

With the global outbreak of COVID-19, high demand for personal protection and hygiene products gave the opportunity to the criminals to take advantage of situation to sell fake products. So, protecting the organization’s intellectual property and consumer trust is now more important than ever. World BI is organizing a high-class Brand Protection Conferences which aims to discuss the industry challenges the brand owners are facing and their potential solutions. The topics range from the various online anti-counterfeiting tools and latest technological developments and intermediary liability through to the various methods that brands have adopted to protect their rights.

Speakers from notable companies like Organon, International Policy Executives Symposium/ SGA, Sky Italia, thyssenkrupp Intellectual Property GmbH, Interpol, Danfoss FZCO, Amazon and many more will be joining and sharing their valuable insights.

Register with us to learn more!