Komtur Pharmaceuticals: Pioneering Excellence in Pharmaceutical Procurement and Distribution

Welcome to Komtur Pharmaceuticals – A Legacy of Excellence and Innovation

Founded in 1960 by our visionary founder, Mr. Josef Künle, Komtur Pharmaceuticals has evolved from a neighborhood pharmacy in Freiburg to a renowned global player, offering integrated procurement and distribution services for pharmaceutical products. Today, under the leadership of Teresa Künle, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering. As a family-owned enterprise built on values of integrity, reliability, and long-term relationships, we take pride in our independence and innovative spirit.

Certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WEB)

Komtur Pharmaceuticals proudly achieved certification as a Women’s Business Enterprise (WEB) by WeConnect International. This accomplishment reflects our commitment to promoting the value of women in the workforce, fostering diversity, equality, and creating an inclusive environment where every voice is heard and valued.

Our Unmatched Global Reach

With 18 fully owned subsidiaries across 16 countries on 4 continents, Komtur Pharmaceuticals boasts an unmatched global infrastructure, an extensive network of suppliers and direct accounts with manufacturers. Our commitment to compliance with the highest levels of quality assurance, adherence to international and local regulations, and in-house quality assurance departments in each country sets us apart. This global network allows us to seamlessly combine local expertise with our global reach, delivering customized turnkey solutions to pharmaceutical challenges worldwide.

Care is at Our Core

Our success is measured not solely by financial achievements but by the enduring loyalty we maintain with our employees, customers, and suppliers. At Komtur, we prioritize the highest quality standards, ensuring that every pharmaceutical product we procure and distribute meets and exceeds industry expectations. As a trusted partner for pharmacies worldwide, we empower them with reliable and top-quality pharmaceuticals because, at Komtur’s core, we genuinely care.

Integrated Clinical Trial Solutions: Navigating Complexities with Precision

Komtur Pharmaceuticals specializes in integrated clinical trial solutions, market access solutions, and treatment access solutions. Our commitment to regulatory compliance serves as the bedrock of our operations, guaranteeing strict adherence to all local and global regulations. This dedication extends to treatment access solutions, ensuring life-changing therapies reach those who need them most – your patients.

Scientific Success and Global Expertise

As a global leader in the wholesale industry, Komtur stands out with an extensive global presence. Our services, including Comparator Sourcing, Packaging & Labeling, Storage & Site Distribution, and CTS consulting, aim to advance scientific success in clinical trials. We empower researchers, sponsors, and organizers to navigate the complexities of clinical trials successfully, bringing forth expertise and innovation.

Join us at Komtur Pharmaceuticals, where being a global leader in Clinical Trials Solutions is not just a commitment but a tradition. We stand ready to elevate your clinical trials, providing a seamless blend of expertise, innovation, and global reach – all focused on the ultimate goal of scientific success and the well-being of your patients.

Stay focused on your trials while Komtur takes care of the rest.

About Clinical Trial Supply Forum 2024

The provision and administration of essential supplies, goods, and machinery for clinical trials is referred to as clinical trial supply. Clinical supplies comprise the following: Clinical Trial Materials (CTM), Placebo and Comparator Products, Investigational Products (IP), clinical Packaging and Labeling, Distribution and Logistics, Quality Control, and Regulatory Compliance.

World BI is set to host the CLINICAL TRIAL SUPPLY FORUM 2024, where pharmaceutical professionals and industry experts will be present to address the most serious issues facing the clinical trial business. We bring together experts in the field of clinical supplies in this forum to talk about industry trends, updates on regulations, and best practices. Pharmaceutical firms, CROs, and other associated sectors send representatives to this conference, which usually covers a wide variety of issues relating to clinical trial supply. Logistics, packaging, labeling, and regulatory compliance are just a few of the topics this forum frequently discusses in relation to clinical trial supply chain management. Further emphasizes the improvements and difficulties in the supply chain management of clinical trials.

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