Delivering Transformative Digital Health Products for Improved Outcomes, Better Patient Experiences and Best-In-Class Therapies

Dawn Health is a global leader in digital health, creating life-changing products for those living with chronic and rare diseases. Working with leading pharma and medtech companies, we have designed and developed digital health products, including Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) products, across 20+ disease areas, spanning 30+ global markets, as both legal manufacturer and critical supplier.

Founded in March 2016, Dawn has offices in Copenhagen, Zürich, New York, and Boston. The company vision "Code to Save Lives" emphasizes a patient-first, empathetic approach to building products, with technical excellence and patient safety at the heart.

Dawn Platform:

The Dawn Platform, along with our ISO13485 certified Quality Management System, accelerates the design and development of digital health solutions. With pre-built workflows and reusable software modules, we provide blueprints to quickly launch solutions across your portfolio while reducing your business risks.

Our Approach:

In strategic partnership with our clients, we work together to solve big challenges such as early diagnosis, switch, adherence, retention, and brand loyalty.

Dawn applies design thinking and behavior change techniques to craft unique and meaningful experiences for each therapy, leveraging technologies such as connected devices, digital biomarkers, algorithms, and AI.

Our user-centric co-creation approach ensures the solution addresses both your strategic business objectives and patient needs, in clinical and commercial use cases. Real-world data is used by providers to support remote therapeutic monitoring to improve outcomes; and by pharma companies to create better patient experiences and best-in-class therapies.

To learn more about Dawn Health, visit our website: or email Brian Flynn, VP of Global Business Development, at

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