Empowering Biomedical Advancements: Unveiling Creative Biolabs' Cutting-Edge Services


In the rapidly evolving world of biotechnology, innovative solutions pave the way for groundbreaking discoveries. Creative Biolabs, a pioneering force in the industry, offers a diverse range of services to accelerate research and revolutionize healthcare. Four of the exceptional services introduced here include phage display, antibody humanization, B-cell sorting platform, and transgenic mice.

Phage Display: Unveiling the Power of Molecular Evolution

Phage display is a versatile technique that enables the selection of specific peptides or proteins with high affinity for various targets. Creative Biolabs leverages this innovative technology to develop custom phage libraries and screen potential antibodies for therapeutic applications. The service facilitates the identification of novel drug candidates, epitope mapping, and protein-protein interaction studies. With Creative Biolabs' cutting-edge phage display service, researchers gain a powerful tool to unlock the vast potential of molecular evolution.

Antibody Humanization: An Efficient Approach to Eliminating or Reducing Immunogenicity

In the realm of immunotherapy, monoclonal antibodies have emerged as a game-changing treatment option.

Creative Biolabs' antibody humanization service lies at the heart of this revolution, enabling the transformation of xenogeneic antibodies into fully functional humanized antibodies. Through the progressive CDR & SDR grafting platform, chain shuffling strategy, and humanized IgG library screening, Creative Biolabs modifies non-human antibodies to reduce immunogenicity, increase affinity, and improve result versatility. This service paves the way for personalized therapeutics, revolutionizing the landscape of antibody-based drugs.

B-Cell Sorting Platform: Navigating the Immune Repertoire

Understanding the immune repertoire is crucial for developing targeted immunotherapies. Creative Biolabs' B-cell sorting platform provides a state-of-the-art solution for high-throughput screening and generation of fully human mAbs or natural mAbs of different species in a short period of time. Through the streamlined procedures encompassing animal immunization, B-cell isolation, single cell cloning, and antibody expression, researchers gain native monoclonal antibodies, contributing to the identification of rare B cell populations with therapeutic potential. With this platform, Creative Biolabs empowers researchers to navigate the intricate landscape of the immune system and advance personalized medicine.

Transgenic Mice: Revolutionizing Human Antibody Production

Transgenic mice have emerged as invaluable tools for generating human antibodies with high specificity and reduced immunogenicity. Creative Biolabs' expertise in generating transgenic mouse models enables efficient fully human antibody production, enabling the development of therapeutic antibodies without the subsequent costly and tedious in vitro humanization and affinity maturation processes. These mice also serve as a robust platform for in vivo testing and human-specific immune response studies. Through the service, Creative Biolabs is revolutionizing the way researchers access human antibodies, propelling the field of immunotherapy forward.

Creative Biolabs' commitment to excellence and innovation is evident in their array of cutting-edge services. From the power of phage display and humanization in antibody discovery to the depth of insights provided by the B-cell sorting platform and the transformative potential of transgenic mice, these services drive advancements in biomedical research. By partnering with Creative Biolabs, researchers gain access to a world of possibilities, unlocking the doors to unprecedented discoveries and breakthroughs in science and drug discovery.

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