Why we need extensive Brand Protection Programmes, strategies to combat the counterfeiting, illicit trade, IP infringement?

You don't really want to go through all of the fakery mess, right? This is where brand protection strategies come for the rescue.

Let’s suppose your customer is looking for one of your products on the internet. You want them to enjoy a hassle-free, seamless, and flawless buying experience. However, when searching your product online, they stumble across a bogus vendor or a website that offers them a knock-off for a much lower price. Because the majority of the products sold by these fake vendors are highly convincing fakes, brand counterfeiting will elicit a wide range of negative feelings in the client. This will have a negative impact on your business, both financially and in terms of reputation. You do not want brand counterfeiting to dilute your strength, regardless of who you are or what products you sell. As a result, brand security is something that must never be compromised.

What is Brand Protection?

Brand protection is a practice to combat fake products being sold using the nametag of your brand. This is a process by which brand owners make it as tough as possible for the scammers and counterfeiters to illegally use intellectual property of their brand.

How To Protect Your Brand?

If you aim to take action against brand counterfeiting, there are three non-negotiable elements which are always considered to be prerequisites for your anti-counterfeiting actions.

  • The rights of your brand must be secured prior to take any action.
  • Identify the counterfeit product.
  • Tell your customers about your product quality.
  • Evidence of counterfeiting must be developed and available at the moment of taking anti-counterfeiting action.

Everything linked to brand protection, marketability protection, and product protection is not viewed as a one-time effort by us.

The whole of the steps must be carried out, monitored, and maintained on a constant basis.

Brand Protection Techniques

What are the most important brand protection techniques to ensure that your brand is legally protected?

Brand protection strategies are tools that help you secure your intellectual property against infringers and counterfeiters. The tactics listed here are some of the most beneficial and important for legally protecting your brand or a company you own.

Legally register your brand

The first and most important step in successfully protecting your brand from potential IP infringers is to comply with legal requirements by registering your business's nametag and logos. Utility and design patents can be used to protect any product. Although it is a bit pricey, believe us when we say that this is one of the best investments you can make to safeguard the security of your business. However, many people make the mistake of assuming that covering merely the countries where the product would be sold is sufficient. In today's digital age, where infringers can travel faster than the speed of light, brand associations should also cover locations where counterfeiting is common.

Attending Online & In person conferences with partners for strategizing the digital brand protection

To ensure online brand protection, attending online & in person conferences with potential partners before agreeing to work with them is a solution that can go a long way. Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) should always be shared with them. For this reason, conferences involving delegates from potential partners should be organized.

Gather proper evidences before proceeding legal action

Before you take any legal action against counterfeiters, you must first prove the existence of certain evidences that must meet the conditions. The burden of proof falls on right holders to show that existing IP is being infringed upon in some way.

Take proper action

After you have gathered all the required information, make it sure that you comply with every platform's reporting rules. Do not forget to register your IP at that platform. All the major marketplaces including Amazon, Alibaba sites and eBay have their own process of registering your brand's IP. After getting your IP registered on a specific platform, start brand protection process by manually enforcing the IP rights you own.

A duration of few hours per week can be taken to complete this entire process and block the connection between your potential customers and counterfeiters.

In order to grow successfully, protect, and gather data BRAND PROTECTION constantly goes through the circle as
  • A long-term strategy must be planned and then updated.
  • To help strengthen the approach, look for new or updated technology.
  • The strategy's operation must be simple to execute and scale.
  • Each phase in the approach must be intelligent, which means cultivating insights and data.
  • Finally, go over everything again.

On the basis of these measures, it will be possible to determine whether higher-level protective methods should be used to get additional data. This can include extending protection to more locations, goods, or other features that will provide the company with more relevant data.

Why WORLD BI is organizing Online Brand Protection Congress?

The Covid19 pandemic destroyed the global economy. As the criminals seized the opportunity this time, the situation got worse. The market is flooded with infringers who manufacture counterfeit products, damaging the reputation and revenue of the original company. This is a very dangerous situation, because counterfeiters have accumulated a large amount of cash for daily use and personal safety products, which is devastating for enterprises. In order to meet these challenges, World BI is organizing a conference that will compromise experts who deal with these issues. The purpose of the meeting was to ensure the protection of brands from trademark abuse methods.

This summit will provide you with a wonderful opportunity to broaden your perspectives, ideas, and expertise. You can build relationship with brand protection experts & vibrators from the Various industry.

Have a look at the Brand Protection Experts in the upcoming series;

Experts Panel



Vice President, Head of IP AMEA Region

ABB Group



Global Brand Protection – LA and Capability Building Director

Procter & Gamble



VP, Global Brand Protection




Vice President, EMEA




Professor School of Criminal Justice and Founding Director of Center for Anti-Counterfeiting and Product Protection

Michigan State University



Deputy City Attorney Intellectual Property Prosecutor

City of Los Angeles

We would like to thank our proud partners for supporting us in organizing the conference.

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