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StudyTeam: Loved by Sites. Indispensable to Sponsors.

StudyTeamTM increases your clinical trial's predictability and accelerates patient enrollment by driving visibility across the entire recruiting and enrollment funnel.

Clinical trial sponsors see the value in StudyTeam because it was designed with research sites in mind. The result? An enrollment solution sites love and sponsors can’t live without. For sponsors, this means better data, more impactful insights, and, ultimately, shorter trial timelines.

Everyone wants to enroll trials faster and more predictably. But historically, sites have lacked the tools and sponsors have lacked the data to do this.

With StudyTeam, sites and sponsors work better by working together.

StudyTeam provides new and actionable insights for sponsors because it lets sites track their recruitment work faster, more easily, and with significantly more detail.

StudyTeam unlocks the entire enrollment funnel for sponsors while making life easier for sites by connecting to a site’s internal system where coordinators already track recruitment work.

Sites can now share rich, de-identified data with sponsors without all the logs, emails, and phone calls.

On average, StudyTeam customers complete patient enrollment six weeks faster per trial across their portfolios.

Sites that use StudyTeam are 25% less likely to be zero-enrollers compared to sites that don’t use StudyTeam.

93% of sites choose StudyTeam versus existing clinical trial solutions to track and manage enrollment because it reduces site burden.

"Patient-level data like this [from StudyTeam] helps us understand the patient enrollment journey and identify the gaps," says Natalie Cheung Rotelli, advisor for diversity in clinical trials at Eli Lilly and Company.

StudyTeam provides the data and insights you need to enroll intelligently and confidently:

  • See enrollment trends earlier and make impactful decisions in real-time.
  • Generate hard-dollar ROI to guide recruitment spending strategies. Know which sites need your help without all the calls and emails.
  • Generate data that helps you hit your enrollment goals for your current trial and better design the next one.
  • Sponsors enroll critical path trials 6-8 weeks faster with StudyTeam because they have better data guiding every decision along the way.

About Clinical Trials Innovation Programme 2022

Clinical Trials Innovation Programme is an invitation-only, premium event bringing together a mix of clinical research professionals and service providers in one stimulating environment.

Join us face to face to learn from the best in the drug development industry and have an opportunity to learn from their experiences. With an agenda covering the future of Clinical trials and drug development post COVID, Clinical Trials Innovation Programme 2022 will feature tailored sessions presented by the leading experts from across the globe.

We are bringing together the best in the industry to help you learn and grow, and accelerate your drug development journey. The experts will include thought leaders and visionaries from Danish Medicines Agency, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, AstraZeneca, The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson, Travere Therapeutics, Biogen, Vifor Pharma, Medical Products Agency and much more.

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