Ivers lee

The Ivers-Lee Group has built up a name for itself over many years (75 years) as a reliable, quality-conscious, highly flexible packaging specialist and leading CMO. Ivers-Lee packs a variety of brand-name products for small, medium-sized, and multinational companies in accordance with the rules of good manufacturing practice (cGMP) at its authorized production site in Switzerland. Through its specialist sister affiliate company IL-CSM Clinical Supplies Management GmbH in Lörrach, Germany, the Group has a site in the EU for logistical matters, import of medicinal products and market approvals.

In addition, this unit has extensive experience in the field of clinical samples manufacturing and quality management. The Group has a clear focus on the entire life cycle of medicinal products. Starting with services in development, support during application of marketing authorization and the market approval phase /commercial manufacturing. Ivers-Lee has helped to successfully implement novel technologies to the pharmaceutical market together with their clients. Such as device assembly, low dose stick packs (including mini tablet applications) and advanced blister technologies. At the same time the group is ready to serve all special market requirements in terms of serialization and aggregation. The Ivers-Lee success story is built on a strong network with their customers, partners and vendors.


The Ivers-Lee group has four areas of focus:

Project & Development

At both locations the Ivers-Lee group has dedicated project managers, who have a lot of experience in project management of clinical trials, engineering projects and market launch projects. Each individual project gets a dedicated project manager, who will act as single point of contact. All projects are accompanied by very experienced QPs and QA specialists, who manage product quality along whole supply chain and provide regulatory support. Mainly to generate initially the right input for the dossiers of their customers and to have the right information for flawless release of entering commercial batches. One of their key competences is to facilitate their customers in the critical phase of launching a product from development into the commercial phase. Reaching the commercial sale of the products for their customers they act as a highly reliable partner but also very flexible CMO. The engineering team has grown over the last 4 years. There are dedicated engineers for all of their core technologies. One of their core competencies is to meet also very ambitious timelines as a result of a very lean and efficient organization.

Supply Chain Management

The Ivers-Lee group sees itself also as your partner to solve you supply chain challenges for clinical supplies (Comparator sourcing, storage, distribution and returns management, EU distribution) as well as for commercial products (API sourcing, analytical testing, GMP-auditing). One main advantage of their organization is their German site, where they can perform EU-Import and EU-Release / QP-Services (incl. vaccines). their warehouse is located in Rheinfelden, where they can store at all conditions (ambient, 2-8°C, -20°C). With their serialization and aggregation capabilities the Ivers-Lee group can meet all requirements of the established markets around the globe. With its experience the Ivers-Lee group helped in the past a number of clients also with re-packaging and re-labelling activities.

Clinical Supplies

The Ivers-Lee group has more than 30 years of experience in clinical supplies. With its partner network the Ivers-Lee group can meet any challenge given by its customers, which are non-profit organizations, start-ups and larger organizations; this includes the procurement or manufacturing of blinded products or matching placebos. Either they print the labels inhouse ourselves or purchase special booklet labels incl. randomization. The labelling, packaging and kit assembly of clinical supplies is their daily business. If required the Ivers-Lee group can also support customers with the right choice of analytic laboratory.

Assembly & Packaging

Their organization has many years of experience in packaging of all solid dosage products. Their core technologies are blistering (all know film combinations incl. child resistant concepts), bottle packaging (incl. induction sealing) and stick pack filling. The secondary packaging capabilities include side-, toploading (Dividella) and manual packaging incl. kit assembly. One of the main focus areas of the Ivers-Lee group has become the assembly of devices, such as autoinjectors and pens. The Ivers-Lee group has around 10 years of experience in this field.


The Ivers-Lee group has built a reputation for being the right partner to further develop technologies up to market approval.

Their areas of focus at the moment are the following technologies:

  • Stickpack for low fill volume and minitablet dosing
  • Blisters with integrated desiccant technologies
  • Stickpack with integrated desiccant technologies
  • Auto Injector assembly and secondary packaging activities

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